PROXIA News Process data module maintenance
PROXIA News Process data module maintenance

The intelligent tool for maintenance

PROXIA process data module

Process data? This is the data which documents the actual parameters with which a process was performed. This data is generally used by the control systems of a plant to regulate the process. The information such as temperatures, pressures or speeds in most cases remain in the control system and are not used for other tasks. If this “data pool” is tapped, this opens up additional possibilities for increasing added value. For example, deviations from the theoretical process are quickly detected due to the permanent visualisation of relevant process parameters.

The information obtained in this way is not only an important asset for production employees, but also in maintenance, the database providing additional assistance for troubleshooting and optimising production facilities.

Highlights and benefits – PROXIA process data module

  • Use the process data recorded by the MES for your maintenance!
  • Online monitoring of telemetry data, even on mobile terminal devices
  • Automatic generation of maintenance messages
  • Minimise reaction and down time!
  • Identify the causes of faults and initiate coordinated measures
  • Create a database for automated decision-making processes
  • Process data as an “enabler” for maintenance 4.0

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