PROXIA MES Modification and Optimization

More performance for your MES with customizing

Different industries require different solutions – and even within an industry, no two companies are the same. They differ in machines and equipment, systems and processes. MES solutions must be optimized for specific customers and implemented according to their needs.

PROXIA MES-Software is designed as standard software with maximum integration capability that meets the highest performance requirements and thus paves the way to Industry 4.0. We take care of the individual adaptation and supplementation of your MES.

By networking all horizontal and vertical process structures with communication platforms and software interfaces, we create the end-to-end solution that easily integrates your peripheral software systems, such as ERP and PPS applications, as well as your store floor with all machines and systems.

The PROXIA Realtime Connector ensures cross-system data communication between the ERP system and PROXIA MES. In addition, the PROXIA Connector can communicate bidirectionally with other IT systems involved in the process.

For evaluations, analyses or visualizations, the company can access the same information with the same status at all process levels without interface problems.

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For your future-proof MES system – Perfect Modification and optimization

The PROXIA Plus: MES Modification and Optimization – your added value

MES standard - individualized and highly integrative

Different industries require different solutions. PROXIA MES-Software, designed as standard software, is individually adapted and integrated to your processes.

Consistency right through to production

Interfaces network the different systems and thus create the necessary end-to-end solution. Peripheral systems such as ERP/PPS and shop floor can be easily integrated.

Individual solutions

Configure instead of program! PROXIA users can configure user interfaces and/or dialogs individually at the push of a button and create reports and evaluations tailored to their needs.

Expandable & updateable MES

MES decisively drives the digitalization of production in the direction of Industry 4.0. By customizing the MES standard software, you take THE chance to develop your production into a smart factory.

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