PROXIA MES Industry Solutions – for specific, individual MES use

Solution expertise in the various industry details

From practice, for practice! At PROXIA, the focus is not only on the highest IT or MES-Software competence, but also on the specific solution approach for your industry. In order to be able to offer practice-oriented MES solutions, it is important to know which requirements are relevant in the respective industries.

We know about these industry requirements due to our many years of experience in many MES projects and our know-how in the MES environment (e.g. BDE, MDE, CAQ). With PROXIA MES-Software, you get industry-relevant modules that fit your specific production processes or manufacturing technologies in your industry.

We have custom-fit solutions for companies in discrete manufacturing – with a wide variety of focuses, e.g. mechanical/plant engineering, contract manufacturers, automotive, tool/mold making or even from the plastics and chemical industries.

As an independent MES solution provider, PROXIA offers a wide range of integrated overall and detailed solutions for the optimization of different process flows, production methods and industries. In-house developed, transformable standard software products form the basis of the industry-specific solutions.

Business aspects as well as the optimisation of technical processes are paramount when implementing the respective MES Industry solution. With PROXIA MES-Software you avoid errors and waste, reduce costs and increase your productivity.

PROXIA Industry solutions – In Detail

Mechanical/Plant Engineering

Mechanical/plant engineering is subject to very short innovation cycles. New technologies must be taken into account and implemented quickly and efficiently in development and production. Factors such as quality, costs and delivery flexibility determine the value chain in this industry.

PROXIA offers MES solutions that promote cross-divisional communication processes – transparency, consistency and all this in “real time”.

PROXIA MES-Software impresses with:

  • Comparative key figure analysis
  • Bidirectional communication with the shop floor
  • Planning the deployment of employees

Contract manufacturing

Contract manufacturers (also contract manufacturers) take over services from other companies. You are confronted with many different customers and a wide variety of products that pass through only part of the value chain. The modular PROXIA MES system offers the ideal implementation of the needs in this industry and proves the highest flexibility with the most diverse customer requirements and varied processes.

PROXIA MES-Software impresses with:

  • Demand-oriented software structuring
  • High degree of process standardization
  • Conservation of resources
  • Increase flexibility


In the automotive industry, terms such as “just in time” or even “just in sequence” are part of daily business. Just like demanding quality requirements and standards that have to be met on a daily basis – both nationally and internationally.

End-to-end solutions around quality and production processes that meet these requirements are mapped by PROXIA MES-Software.

PROXIA MES-Software impresses with:

  • Complete process documentation
  • Pinpoint drill-down functions
  • Interdepartmental planning

Tool/mold construction

The challenge in tool and die making is focused on the quality of the products and the needs of the customers. The focus is on maximum precision – for series production up to batch size one. Efficiency and automatism are especially required with regard to small batch sizes.

PROXIA CAQ, BDE and MDE solutions help to master these challenges. They bring transparency and consistency to production.

PROXIA MES-Software impresses with:

  • Detailed component documentation
  • Detailed resource planning
  • Securing recurring processes

Plastics industry

The value creation processes are oriented directly to the customer. With worldwide locations, it is possible to react to market changes just in time. With PROXIA MES-Software, you can implement automated processes consistency across multiple sites online. Data acquisition and quality control regarding recipe ingredients and viscosity avoid rejects or increased costs – PROXIA MES-Software also provides support here.

PROXIA MES-Software impresses with:

  • Automated data acquisition
  • Integration of statistical quality management systems
  • Securing the material flow

Chemical industry

High investments in research and development, volatile raw material prices, complex process technologies and many other factors mean that companies have to work ever more economically and react more flexibly to market changes.

With PROXIA MES-Software, you can meet the challenges specific to your industry with ease.

PROXIA MES-Software impresses with:

  • Measures management
  • Process and key figures monitoring
  • automated process data capture

With MES On-Time Delivery

improved by 15%

To sustainably increase its competitiveness, Saarschmiede uses the PROXIA MES control room to manufacture its sophisticated forged products. Fine-grained planning has increased on-time delivery by 15% to as much as 95%. Thanks to the high performance in detailed planning, the effects of changes in order processing can now be predicted quickly with a high degree of accuracy.

  • Improvement of on-time delivery by 15% points
  • Successfully support business transformation for improved competitiveness
  • Day-definite delivery also of long runs
  • Fast simulation of changes in detailed planning
  • High system integration with smooth ERP-MES data exchange
  • Improved forecast planning for sales use

The PROXIA Plus: Industry solutions – your added value

Use synergies

Developments and trends from the entire global market and from a wide range of industries and sectors are continuously incorporated into the PROXIA MES-Software. Benefit from the synergies of this enormous information pool.

Custom-fit MES-Software

The PROXIA MES-Software is customized and individually adapted to the respective industry and the individual company - without leaving the standard and an update capability. There are no additional costs and potential errors.

Always up to date

Always on the pulse of time. Necessary project-related individual developments are immediately incorporated into the standard of the existing PROXIA MES-Software and are available to you with the next update. This ensures 100% release capability.

Best care

Our consultants as well as the technicians on site are fit in your industry. Necessary customer-specific adaptations are always made on the basis of the MES standard software. This also means that after-sales service via the hotline and support is not a problem.

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