PROXIA ETKS Employee timekeeping system – working time documented without gaps

IT instead of paper and calculators

You want to record working times without g aps and transfer them to payroll accounting? Employee timekeeping system simplifies the effort and handling, also with functions such as online vacation requests and attendance tables.

The personnel time recording system books the “coming/going” movement of the employees via the BDE terminals or ETKS recording terminals and immediately checks the authorization as well as the chronological order of the bookings. These are offset and totaled in the appropriate time accounts. Absence days such as vacation, illness or vocational school are displayed in a clear calendar.

Employees can check information such as hours worked, time balances, remaining vacation at the booking terminals at any time. Evaluations provide a detailed overview of the degree of attendance/absence, hours worked and availability of employees. The personnel time recording can be fully integrated into the PROXIA BDE Production data acquisition.

PROXIA ETKS Employee timekeeping system – Highlights & Benefits

  • seamless attendance recording
  • Post calculation for individual personnel costs
  • Employee motivation through exact time recording as well as individual working hours
  • Performance pay/bonus system
  • Can be combined with PEP Personnel resources planning
  • Optimize workflows and personnel costs
  • Quick response to fluctuating order intake
  • Export interfaces in payroll and third-party systems

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PROXIA ETKS Employee timekeeping system – Functions & Features

PROXIA ETKS Employee timekeeping system – Software impressions

The PROXIA Plus: ETKS Employee timekeeping system – Your Added Value

Manage data centrally

Enter master data once and use it in all combinable PROXIA MES modules. This saves time and increases transparency.

Graphical representation

The clear, intuitive display of PROXIA ETKS Employee timekeeping system significantly facilitates handling.

Data integration

The merging or interlocking of different personnel data, such as attendance times and activity times, enables deeper insight into the process.

Quick reaction to events

Operational events, e.g. high staff absenteeism due to illness or spontaneous increase in the order situation, can be combined quickly and flexibly.

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