MES Extensions & Options

Secure data flow, increase performance

Those who already use PROXIA MES software appreciate the advantages and benefits of incremental expandability – whether TPM, extensions or the addition of industrial hardware. In addition to flexibility, integration capability and mobile applicability, these advantages make PROXIA MES-Software the system of the future, especially with regard to Industry 4.0.

With MES Options, PROXIA offers optional MES modules that meaningfully complement the core PROXIA MES-Software and expand it step by step into a holistic, universal production system. TPM Maintenance / Repair, as well as high-performance, fail-safe industrial hardware support the secure flow of data, optimize the handling of tooling and operating resources, and save time and thus also costs.

The PROXIA extensions provide you with clear, specific additional benefits. ETKS Employee timekeeping, PROXIA CAQ Measurement capture and PROXIA Internal transport logistics can be easily integrated into your existing MES system and can be easily adapted to any module.

PROXIA MES Extensions & Options – Software Modules

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Highlights & Benefits

  • Bidirectional data transmission for maximum process reliability
  • Display of relevant production information directly on the machine
  • Transmission of assembly information directly and online
  • Simple and uniform operation via one interface
  • Central management of all data (no duplicate data storage)
  • Standardized PC technology for MDE devices
  • Robust, reliable and fail-safe industrial hardware
  • Better overview through cross-departmental management of tools and operating resources
  • Better utilization of equipment due to optimum availability of tools and operating resources
  • Better planning of maintenance activities
  • Mobile, platform-independent recording of maintenance activities
  • Digital documentation of maintenance and repair measures

PROXIA MES Extensions
Highlights & Benefits

  • Seamless data collection in human resources
  • Documenting and Securing Quality Standards with CAQ
  • Consistent transparency across the entire material flow
  • Increasing the efficiency of the MES system
  • Intuitive operating concept, homogeneous ergonomics
  • Integration of production-supporting hardware
  • Processing of high data volumes or complex manufacturing structures
  • Connection of almost all machines or systems possible
  • Various evaluations immediately available at the push of a button
  • Optimize workflows

The PROXIA Plus:
MES Extensions & Options – Your Added Value

Expandable step by step

The modular structure of the PROXIA MES-Software ensures full flexibility and future-proofing. You only use the modules you really need, with the option of incremental and modular expandability.

Ideal complement

With PROXIA MES, you already have innovative IT and software technology in your production. PROXIA MES Options optimally complement your MES system and additionally contribute to increasing your performance.

Maximum integration capability

Each individual PROXIA MES module can be integrated holistically into PROXIA's master software and is fully functional in the respective area. PROXIA MES thus grows continuously with your business requirements.

Everything from one source

With PROXIA MES Options, you get everything from a single source: TPM Maintenance / Repair and MES Hardware solutions. With a partner, you build your system holistically step by step.

Optimize performance and processes

With the additional benefits of the PROXIA Extensions, you can supplement your MES modules to achieve even better performance and a wider range of functions. Integrated into the MES system, the extensions create even more structure and transparency in production.

Ergonomics and homogeneity

The simple operating concept with consistent ergonomics makes working with the extensions child's play. Optimized processes for all acquisition methods and homogeneity of all modules save you time and costs.

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