Production data acquisition – for complete transparency

PROXIA BDE – Efficiently optimize production processes

What does the ACTUAL state in your production or assembly look like? With PROXIA BDE Production data acquisition, you can record all data live and directly at the point of origin – manually, semi-automatically or fully automatically in combination with MDE, as required.

With your MES solution, you are always informed about the current status in production. By seamlessly recording the value-added process from work-step registration to sign-off, early warning, monitoring and reporting capabilities can identify weaknesses and quickly initiate appropriate action.

A major advantage is the networking of the BDE system with the control station software or an ERP system. The bidirectional data exchange also enables post-calculations of a completed job; empirical values from the BDE lead to realistic target times, which is very important for planning future jobs. PROXIA BDE is also an important component as a basis for CIP – it forms the basis for evaluations and key figure calculations and serves as a “data provider” for the production control station.

PROXIA BDE Production data acquisition –
Highlights & Benefits

  • Child’s play, intuitive operating concept
  • Freely configurable status buttons with full flexibility and update capability
  • Modularly expandable with functionalities such as batch tracing
  • Integrated BDE early warning system for fast response to bottlenecks
  • Connection of production-supporting hardware (e.g. scanner, RFID, etc.)
  • Support of a wide range of order types
  • Registration of individuals or groups of people
  • Multi-machine or machine group operation
  • Can be combined with automatic MDE Machine data acquisition
  • Possibility of integration from PZE system
  • Full networking capabilities to the workplace 4.0

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PROXIA Production data acquisition – Functions & Features

PROXIA BDE Data acquisition – Software Impressions

PROXIA BDE.early warning system –

Maintaining an overview – recognizing sources of error early on

The PROXIA BDE system gives production companies a reliable and accurate insight into their manufacturing by collecting a wide range of operational data. The integrated early warning system for numerous parameters allows problems to be detected at an early stage and their causes eliminated.

  • Away from the reporting terminal and towards demand-driven information provision
  • PROXIA BDE early warning system for higher acceptance and better data quality
  • Process documentation including feedback function
  • Analyze large amounts of data (BIG DATA Management)
  • PROXIA BDE system for continuous networking in production
  • One system for everyone from production to management

The PROXIA Plus: BDE Production data acquisition – your added value


The self-explanatory, individually configurable software interface guarantees simple intuitive operation - even for PC inexperienced users.

Fast reaction in case of malfunctions

The actual state and any change in real time at a glance. A quick response to production disruptions saves time and costs.

Shortened production times

Production times are significantly shortened by continuous and uninterrupted reporting of operations and optimized processes derived from this.

Conclusions for follow-up orders

By exchanging data with the control station or ERP/PPS system, improvements can be derived for the upcoming orders (CIP).

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