PROXIA Industry 4.0 – Challenge & Opportunity

On course for the Smart Factory with PROXIA MES –

Do you want to set course for the Smart Factory? Industry 4.0 should make it possible to deliver small batches with a higher degree of individualization economically, on time and in the right quality.

PROXIA supports these goals of the production industry with holistic, sustainable and modern MES solutions, consisting of innovative MES-Software and practice-oriented MES concepts.

What is behind the idea of Industry 4.0? The “fourth industrial revolution” is a natural consequence of technological and digital progress, which has brought immense savings but at the expense of individual products and shorter production times. Starting with the invention of the steam engine (converting production to machine power) and industrialization, this was followed at the beginning of the 20th century by the invention of the assembly line for more efficient production and only 80 years later by digitalization with intelligent control of manufacturing processes (IT, hardware and software).

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Industry 4.0 – Goals, challenges and practice-oriented implementation with PROXIA MES

Smart Factory: Opportunity and challenge at the same time

In an intact smart factory, the workpiece and machine tool communicate via a web server, controlled from the control level. This requires the merging of modern IT capabilities with the digitized production level.

For a continuous exchange of information between the planning and manufacturing levels, the Internet and the in-house software must be coordinated. For this purpose, products must be clearly identifiable and the current position and condition of the product in the value chain must be known.

With PROXIA MES-Software, configured to the requirements of individual company value chains, these challenges can be mastered.

IT infrastructure: Keeping pace with automation

Automation concepts in the machine environment supported by intelligent manufacturing IT, such as PROXIA MES, are common approaches to achieving greater flexibility in the production environment. In the process, the quality of the IT processes must be brought up to a level from the commercial company control to the processing machine.

Although the IT systems of administration and product development are in many cases strongly networked, in other areas there are usually local software modules that support process islands. Isolated solutions must first be “brought into line” for efficient, integrated production control.

Through the integration of PROXIA MES, isolated solutions disappear from production.

Eliminate interfaces between production planning and the shop floor

As an interface between the planning control level and the operative production level, manufacturing execution systems such as the MES solution from PROXIA create the prerequisites for supporting the continuous exchange of information in the sense of a smart factory.

Acquisition modules for operating and machine data (BDE/MDE) handle the transfer of information from the heterogeneous production environment to a centralized data store.

The challenge of increasing data volumes - Big Data Management

Constant information exchange generates large amounts of data and its handling. In the case of key figure evaluations, a high-resolution drill-down functionality is therefore necessary for concrete information access.

For this purpose, PROXIA provides a hybrid technology for data processing in its MES solution, which uses both in-memory technology for fast calculations in the server main memory and classic data warehousing.

Making manufacturing processes predictable and flexible with MES

Experience shows that the planning of production orders can no longer be done statically with a wide planning horizon. The dynamic manufacturing environment also forces planning to be highly responsive and dependent on real-time feedback from the shop floor.

Only by linking detailed planning with the “information cloud” from the shop floor can companies react immediately to resource or capacity influences.

PROXIA MES offers comprehensive support here.

German Business Award 2022

Best MES Software Solutions

After winning the 20 Smartest Companies award from the US trade magazine Global Radiance Review, PROXIA was also honored again at the German Business Awards – as a provider of “Best MES Software Solutions”.

The business award of the renowned British trade magazine “EU Business News” recognizes outstanding achievements and innovative business practices of selected German companies.

We were particularly convincing with our continuously developed range of innovative software modules for process optimization in the manufacturing industry and our high level of customer orientation.

The PROXIA Plus: MES @ Industry 4.0 – Your added value

Future vision Industry 4.0

The networking of autonomous systems that communicate with each other leads to so-called cyber-physical production systems (CPPS). The independent exchange of information between intelligent machines, operating resources and storage systems, as well as self-control effects at the process level, bring about enormous improvements throughout the entire value chain. PROXIA MES-Software corresponds exactly to this system with practice-oriented solutions.

Big Data – no problem

PROXIA's MES-Software provides a hybrid data processing technology that uses both in-memory technology for fast calculations in the server main memory and classic data warehousing. This means that even large amounts of data can be processed without any problems.

Mobile data usage, cloud computing

The use of mobile devices, smartphones and tablet PCs promises efficient and fast data usage in real time - even between the management level and production. PROXIA also offers solutions for mobile applications in its MES-Software.

Manufacturing processes predictable and flexible

A dynamic manufacturing environment requires a high level of responsiveness in planning and is dependent on feedback from the shop floor. The coupling of PROXIA Detailed planning with the "information cloud" from the shop floor is necessary to react immediately.

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