PROXIA PEP Personnel resources planning – for better workforce planning

Making optimal use of employees

What are the resources and potentials of your personnel deployment? PROXIA Personnel resources planning offers you the possibility to consider and plan personnel availability in addition to the resource/shift relationship. The shift assignment of the persons takes into account, among other things, qualifications (skills), certifications, absences as well as a role and rights system.

This creates a realistic view of the available capacity in the production environment and thus enables reliable resource planning in the production control center. Variations such as the introduction of an additional shift at a localized production bottleneck can be checked for their effect by simulation with the control room.

PROXIA PEP Personnel resources planning – Highlights & Benefits

  • Definition of shift capacity, assignment via drag & drop for more overview
  • Personnel and shift assignment plan with assignment of employee skills: Avoid personnel bottlenecks
  • Different workstation modes (exclusive operation, auxiliary, performance pool)
  • Consideration of staff characteristics and absences: Planning the right employees for the right tasks
  • Full integration of HR and PZE systems as well as control center communication, e.g. consideration of individual personnel costs in post-calculation or exact time recording and fair remuneration (interface to performance and premium wage calculation systems possible)
  • Optimize workflows and personnel costs through targeted personnel deployment
    Respond flexibly to fluctuations in the order situation

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PROXIA PEP Personnel resources planning – Functions & Features

PROXIA PEP Personnel resources planning – Software Impressions

The PROXIA Plus: PEP Personnel resources planning – Your Added Value

Structured representation

The clear visualization of the personnel deployment in relation to the individual orders creates a very good overview and excludes missing or incorrect personnel.

Early action

PROXIA PEP Personnel resources planning automatically updates any change in real time and is thus immediately available. Short-term changes in personnel requirements do not pose a problem.

Individual personnel allocation

Due to the different work modes, each manager can plan his staff and thus make a direct and individual allocation.

Reduce personnel costs

By using PROXIA PZE Personnel resources planning, additional potential and resources are freed up. This saves personnel time and costs.

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