PROXIA Process Data Module – Perfect Visualization

Process data capture –
Optimize processes

In the Industry 4.0 era, data plays an increasingly important role. But what types of data actually arise in a production environment and how can you make the most of them?

Production data acquisition and machine data collection are often about the basis for a real post-calculation and the possibility to evaluate a production plant in terms of its performance – keyword: overall equipment effectiveness (GAE/OEE). Plant downtime in the form of lower availability, piece time deviations in the form of reduced output and scrap in the form of a declining quality rate are influencing factors here.

In today’s modern production, not only machine and operating data but also process data offer a great deal of potential for process optimization. The PROXIA Process data module stores, evaluates and visualizes temperatures, pressures or speeds and thus offers a further building block for the Smart Factory.

PROXIA Process data capture – Highlights & Benefits

  • Prevent rejects from occurring in the first place
  • Perform processes at optimal speed
  • Use the process data collected by the MES for your maintenance!
  • Online monitoring of telemetry data, also on mobile devices
    Automatic generation of maintenance messages
  • Minimize reaction and downtimes!
  • Identify causes of malfunctions and initiate measures tailored to them
  • Creating a data basis for automated decision-making processes
  • Process data as an “enabler” for Maintenance 4.0
  • Accurate post-calculation in relation to required machine run times

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PROXIA Process Data Module – Functions & Features

PROXIA Process data capture – Software Impressions

Process data module –

The intelligent tool for maintenance

Process data are “enablers” for Maintenance 4.0: They offer a lot of potential for optimizing processes in production. Benefit from the support of the PROXIA process data module: With the storage, utilization and visualization of temperatures, pressures and speeds, the tool provides another element on the way to the smart factory.

  • Optimize process speed
  • Using process data from MES acquisition for maintenance
  • Eliminate scrap
  • Monitor telemetry data online/mobile
  • Generate maintenance notifications automatically
  • Minimize response and downtime
  • Identify causes of malfunctions & initiate measures
  • Creating a data basis for automated decision-making processes

The PROXIA Plus: Process Data Module – Your Added Value

Visualize process data & stabilize processes

Documented data provides assistance in troubleshooting, in optimizing production equipment and in the event of quality deviations occurring.

Secure process data & access to it

Whether stored in a central location or stored in distributed databases, this data pool also allows you to look at large periods of time, for example, to identify trends.

Tapping optimization potential

Store, utilize and visualize - process data from machines and plants, such as. e.g. temperatures, speeds or pressures open up potentials on the store floor.

Process data at a glance

A transparent data basis: identification of machine malfunctions as well as correct action management for automated decision-making processes.

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