Machine data acquisition – perfect monitoring of machines & plants

The 24/7 “Machine ECG”

The machine hour rates of modern production equipment are expensive! The aim here is to minimize downtime and unproductive non-productive time and to maximize main times for maximum added value! In order to be able to react quickly and with the right strategy, malfunctions in machines or systems must be detected at an early stage.

This is exactly where PROXIA Machine data acquisition (MDE software) comes in – so you are always informed about the current status of each machine and the utilization of your production capacity.

Depending on the concept, a system status can be reported manually or fully automatically via the machine itself using MDE. The PROXIA MDE Data acquisition entry runs automatically in the background, incorrect entries or forgetting manual entries are excluded. However, if a malfunction occurs, PROXIA MDE can quickly identify the current processing stage of the production order on this machine. Your production data in the MES or PPS/ERP system is always up to date. On-time delivery increases and productivity rises.

PROXIA MDE Machine data acquisition –
Highlights & Benefits

  • Minimal reporting effort due to fully automatic data acquisition
  • Processing of high data volumes or complex manufacturing structures, e.g. multi-pallet machines, pallet stations or manufacturing cells
  • MDE/BDE mixed operation due to modular design
  • Support of international standards, e.g. OPC-UA or Euromap 63
  • Different alerting mechanisms via e-mail, SMS or RSS feed
  • Connection of almost any machine or system possible – regardless of the production process, age of the system and machine or control type
  • Various evaluations are immediately available at the push of a button
  • Rapid countermeasures in the event of malfunctions or delays
  • Accurate post-calculation in relation to required machine run times

XI-Gateway OPC-UA

The XI-Gateway is the central “data provider” for your Industrie 4.0 environment. It offers a combination of standardized data model (MTConnect) and secure transmission of data (OPC-UA) and thus the best of both standard architectures.

This makes machine data acquisition safe, simple and future-proof. Machine data can be used directly for availability and performance analyses as well as visualizations and evaluations. Vertical and horizontal networking is also possible for heterogeneous machine parks.

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PROXIA MDE Machine data acquisition – Functions & Features

PROXIA MDE Machine data acquisition – Software Impressions

PROXIA XI-Gateway –

smart & universally networked

Knowing that Industrie 4.0 systems expect communication via OPC-UA, but that many machines and plants can only communicate based on other technologies, PROXIA developed the XI-Gateway. This component is able to transform different communication types and protocols into OPC-UA.

Transform MTConnect into OPC-UA with the PROXIA XI-Gateway and make machine data for Industrie 4.0 systems easily and uncomplicatedly accessible.
Use what you have – for what you need!

  • Combination of standardized data model (MTConnect) and secure transmission of data (OPC-UA)
  • Use of machine data for availability and performance analyses as well as visualizations and evaluations
  • Making vertical and horizontal networking possible even with heterogeneous machinery
  • Take existing technologies to a new level and make them Industry 4.0 capable
  • The XI-Gateway as a central “data provider” for your Industrie 4.0 environment

The PROXIA Plus: MDE Machine data acquisition – your added value

Automatic data acquisition

When data is captured automatically, data quality is significantly improved because manual sources of input errors are eliminated.

Detect trouble spots at an early stage

Even short machine downtimes and malfunctions are displayed seamlessly with PROXIA MDE Machine data acquisition.

Universal machine connection

PROXIA MDE is fully functional on plant types from a wide range of manufacturers, completely different years of construction and control formats.

"Real-time" analysis of the data

Evaluations are immediately available through data transmission in "real time". This means that problems can be identified and rectified more quickly.

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