Case study Zirkonzahn GmbH

MES cockpit ensures complete transparency on the shop floor

In the service of improved production planning and process-optimized workflows: The innovative full-service dental prosthesis supplier for dental laboratories and dentists Zirkonzahn GmbH monitors its store floor in detail with over 45 machines and systems. The company uses the PROXIA MES software suite with machine and production data acquisition, monitoring and reporting, and CAQ for complete transparency in manufacturing. The MES supports bringing the high speed of product innovations into a stable series production. Valid data from the store floor provides answers to key questions: What happens when and where? The findings from this help Zirkonzahn to achieve greater flexibility and productivity in order-based just-in-time production as well as better control in the event of high production utilization.

“With PROXIA MES, we practically kill two birds with one stone, namely absolute transparency for CIP and comprehensive control of product quality. PROXIA MES is the cockpit for our entire production.”

Manuel Hellweger
Production manager of Zirkonzahn GmbH

Highlights and benefits at a glance:

  • MES cockpit with holistic production monitoring
  • Valid production data as the basis for the continuous improvement process
  • Continuous transparency and unit-dependent recording of quality data
  • Vivid timeline visualization of progress in production order processing
  • Seamless online acquisition of detailed machine data
  • Minimization of manual recording activities through structured introduction of low-paper to paperless manufacturing

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