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Learn how your production can benefit from MES

Are you considering the introduction of an MES system for your company? Modular Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) software offers a whole range of benefits for production processes in manufacturing companies. The system-based production planning is a central element of the digital transformation of the industry – MES makes a decisive contribution to this.

With your decision for PROXIA MES-Software you lay the foundation for a sustainable improvement of your production. Our innovative, high-performance solutions, modules and services support you on your way to the Smart Factory. Get to know our flexible, modular offer now.

MES simply explained

What is MES? What are the advantages of a Manufacturing Execution System? Our explanatory film summarizes it simply & clearly.

Why an MES system?

What is the current status of your production? Is everything running smoothly – is what was ordered from you actually produced as planned? Are all resources utilized or are there unplanned downtimes? Can problems be identified and fixed quickly? And last but not least: Will all deadlines be met as planned?

These are exactly the topics that are currently on your mind? We have the right answers to these and many other questions – at the touch of a button and at a glance. With PROXIA MES we offer you the right solution to:

  • create continuous transparency
  • Optimize production processes
  • Capture and analyze data in real-time
  • Improve quality and efficiency in manufacturing.

Your savings opportunities with PROXIA MES:

Faster throughput times


Less paperwork


Faster data entry times


Better Work in Progress (WIP)


Better adherence to schedules


Higher productivity


Better data quality


Fewer errors


The 3 success factors

for the MES Implementation

  • Precise definition of the actual situation, requirements and framework conditions
  • Individual and implementation-oriented MES Consulting for a custom-fit solution that covers all defined requirements
  • Professional and structured project management with project managers with practical experience and a detailed and comprehensive specification sheet

MES – introduce new
PROXIA MES experts answer initial questions from interested parties

1) How long does the MES introduction phase take until “go-live”?

You ask yourself: When will I start to benefit from my MES system? How long the introductory phase actually takes depends heavily on the number of modules required. What can be said in general, however: There are positive effects within the project from the day of installation. This includes, for example:

  • Increased transparency in the planning process when using detailed planning
  • Increased productivity through the use of machine and production data acquisition

As a result, the return on investment begins with the installation.

2) Can I administer the MES system myself?

You ask the following question: Do I always need the system provider to administer my MES system? As a solution provider, we naturally offer not only the software, but also a “full service package” on request. Our MES specialists will take care of the complete installation of all necessary components and interfaces for you.

The configuration of the user interfaces and workflows is also carried out by our technical service according to your requirements. Our MES specialists can also implement adjustments to the system parameters during ongoing productive operation. This is usually done remotely and is possible at short notice at any time.

Of course, we can also train your key users in the administration and configuration of the MES system on request. This allows you to decide for yourself what level of internal resources you bring into your MES project.

3) Are there any PROXIA MES software modules that are mandatory?

You are asking the following question: Am I free to choose the modules and order of introduction? The choice of MES modules depends solely on your requirements. The chosen order of implementation is also freely selectable and depends on your project focus. In principle, however, there is a recommended module structure – this looks as follows:

  • Digitalization begins at the place where the production data is generated. The machine data acquisition and production data acquisition modules are therefore usually the first modules to be used in a holistic digitalization project.
  • The planning module is then usually placed on top of this “digital foundation”.
  • In addition to the project, the digitalization gaps remaining in production can then be filled as required. Additional modules and MES options such as maintenance management, intralogistics or quality management are available for this purpose.

Do you have further questions about introducing an MES system? Feel free to contact us – our industry-experienced MES experts are here for you now.

The MES solution for Your industry

Does your company have a wide variety of production and process flows? Do you have to meet demanding quality requirements and standards on a daily basis, always keeping an eye on quality, costs and delivery flexibility?

From numerous projects, we know the requirements of many industries: Mechanical and plant engineering, contract manufacturing, automotive, tool/mold making, plastics industry and chemical industry. We offer you custom-fit solutions with industry-relevant modules that are aligned with the individual focal points, processes and technologies of your industry.

As an experienced MES partner, we realize your MES project – for a successful, sustainable future. Learn more about the added value of your MES industry solution.


Innovative technology trendsetter

30 years of experience, national and international

Customized, powerful MES-Software products

In-house software product development, Made in Germany

Modular design with flexible expandability

Highest performance & intuitive user interface

High integration capability for smooth implementation

Dedicated team of MES specialists

High industry expertise

MES solution from a single source

Your MES made to measure – Modular structure

Whether MES detail or overall solution – as your solution partner for modular Smart Factory MES-Software, we support you in optimally planning and controlling your production throughout.

The core of PROXIA MES is the recording and evaluation of production processes – your requirements determine our MES solution. You use exactly the modules that you currently need and make targeted use of a standard solution that at the same time takes individual requirements into account.

You always benefit from the modular design and the option of step-by-step expandability of the system. This is what flexible MES looks like for your production.

PROXIA MES – one system, many benefits
The central basis for improving your OEE

Higher availability

ROXIA MES-Software supports your company for better availability of your machines & plants. The consistency of the PROXIA MES value chain guarantees the constant availability of all production information in real time. You can optimally plan resources and machine occupancy with PROXIA control station detailed planning, use live and mobile operating and machine data for real-time monitoring of machine and task availability with PROXIA MES monitoring, optimize machine maintenance intervals with PROXIA TPM.web and maximize productive machine time.

More power

PROXIA MES-Software helps your company increase production output. Losses of effectiveness are detected in good time. Errors can be significantly reduced through improvement measures (CIP). Optimize throughput times and stock levels with PROXIA control station detailed planning, increase production management and adherence to delivery dates with PROXIA MDE. Thanks to PROXIA BDE's integrated early warning system, you can react faster and benefit from an improved overview of the essential content with PROXIA MES Monitoring.

Better quality

PROXIA MES-Software supports your company by detecting, documenting and evaluating product defects. Regulatory interventions can be made even before they occur, and frequently occurring sources of error can be preemptively eliminated through evaluations. Use PROXIA BDE and PROXIA MDE for early detection of production errors. Support the Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) with PROXIA OEE/KPI. Improve production quality by analyzing, documenting and archiving quality-related data with PROXIA CAQ systems.

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