PROXIA Internal transport logistics – Optimize Material Movement

Use pull and push strategies

Your employees spend a lot of time searching for semi-finished products within the production or waiting for a suitable means of transport? Put an end to this “time eater” in the production process.

With the PROXIA MES module “Internal transport logistics”, the storage location-related stocks of semi-finished products are managed and corresponding storage locations are documented. Materials can be rebooked to other storage locations, machines or manual workstations.

When generating transfer orders, the origin and destination storage bin can be selected and thus both pull and push strategies can be used. The transport employee is shown the essential information within the transport controls: From where? Where to? When. By what means of transport? The accumulated transport times can then be evaluated.

PROXIA Internal transport logistics – Highlights & Benefits

  • Inventory management and documentation of storage locations
  • Transfer/relocation of semi-finished products to other storage locations
  • Creation and visualization of transport orders
  • Optimization of material movements and transport routes
  • Evaluation of transport and storage times
  • Avoidance of disruptions due to material shortages thanks to automated inventory control
  • Flexibility and minimized search times during order picking thanks to pick-by-light
  • Avoidance of component mix-ups thanks to pick-by-light support during assembly
  • Expandable with MES modules such as MDE and warehouse management systems

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PROXIA Internal transport logistics – Functions & Features

PROXIA Internal transport logistics – Software Impressions

The PROXIA Plus: Internal transport logistics – your added value

Overlapping data use

PROXIA Internal transport logistics can be used with all combinable PROXIA MES modules, e.g. MDE. This enables an end-to-end MES value chain.

Everything in view

Internal warehouse staff can always see which material is needed where. This allows transport journeys to be planned more efficiently.

Simpler reporting processes

If transport tasks are coupled with operation notifications, the entire notification process in Internal transport logistics is streamlined.

Intermediate storage included

If, during production, a product does not go immediately to the next processing station but to an intermediate storage facility, this process is fully mapped by the software module.

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