PROXIA TPM.web – for maintenance and servicing

Maintenance and production planning merge

Information networking is an essential part of the long-term transformation of a company to a Smart Factory!

The PROXIA TPM.web software supports this networking throughout the entire production and maintenance process. In this way, maintenance measures are identified on the basis of machine messages and personnel messages and forwarded to production planning as required.

By visualizing the planned maintenance tasks in a Gantt view, it is possible for the planner to coordinate different maintenance tasks in such a way that downtimes can be minimized. This reduction not only minimizes costs, but at the same time guarantees higher availability of the machines and systems and thus ensures more efficient production.

PROXIA TPM.web Software –
Highlights & Benefits

  • All maintenance activities can be planned in advance and at a glance
  • Mobile, platform-independent recording of maintenance activities
  • Digital documentation of all maintenance and repair measures
  • Proof of overhead costs in the repair
  • Forecast costs for maintenance, from cost center to assembly
  • Provide documents that support autonomous activities
  • Documentation of the performed activities and the required spare parts
  • Notes and notice of defects
  • Action management and suggestion system for machine operators

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PROXIA TPM.web Software – Functions & Features

PROXIA Process data capture – Perfect Visualization for Maintenance

PROXIA Process data Module – Visualize Process Data to Stabilize Processes

Process data – This is data that documents with which actual parameters a process was carried out. As a rule, this data is used by the plant controls to regulate the process.

This information, such as temperatures, pressures or speeds, usually remains in the controls and is not used for other tasks.

However, these are important parameters that provide information about the condition of the machines and the equipment. For example, deviations from the target process can be quickly detected through the permanent visualization of the relevant process parameters.

PROXIA TPM.web – Software impressions


Reduce maintenance costs – improve production planning

Efficient production processes require intact plant and machinery. Maintaining them costs money; the permanent improvement of plant and machinery also often stands in the way of cost reduction. TPM.web supports you in mastering such challenges:

  • Create maintenance plans
  • Automatic generation of maintenance proposals based on cycle models
  • Management of maintenance messages: Digital communication between machine operator and maintenance planner
  • Machine history: What was made by whom? Which spare parts were installed and when? Test reports, photos, etc.
  • Assembly management: planning maintenance and repairs at assembly level
  • Personnel management in maintenance: Assignment of maintenance staff to tasks taking into account employee qualifications

The PROXIA Plus: TPM.web Software – Your added value

Strengthening the sense of responsibility

The machine operator takes over smaller measures and assumes responsibility in this way.

Save maintenance time and personnel

There is no need to call a maintenance person for every small maintenance. This saves costs and, above all, important production time.

Archive history

The archiving function of PROXIA TPM.web when what was installed where minimizes routine maintenance.

Avoid failures

Defects and failures of machines and plants are significantly reduced by sensible, preventive maintenance suggestions from PROXIA TPM.web.

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