PROXIA OEE/KPI – The “hot wire” to your production

Evaluations, OEE and KPIs in real time

Do you have the continuous improvement process (CIP) in mind? Timeliness plays an important role in key performance indicators (KPIs) such as OEE: If the key performance indicators show you that planning data can no longer be met in the allotted time period, you can take corrective action in the process accordingly.

PROXIA OEE/KPI.web provides detailed evaluations of all relevant process influencing variables for OEE analysis. This takes automated feedback from the plants and machines (MDE) and manual feedback (BDE) and feeds these into configurable calculation formulas. Links, rule sets or dependencies are freely configurable, as is the layout of the evaluation display of the PROXIA OEE software.

Using drill-down functions, you can also immediately identify where the “problem originator” is to be found in your process or in the company.

KPI.web – Highlights & Benefits

  • Process evaluations as a basis for a continuous improvement process (CIP)
  • Standardized calculation mathematics and definition according to VDMA/DIN standard sheet 66412
  • Powerful drill-down function for localization of interfering influencing variables
  • Online key figures (OEE)
  • Key figures KPI
  • Rapid operational readiness
  • Minimal training effort
  • Rapid connection of plants
  • Multi-language capability
  • Roles and rights system

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PROXIA KPI.web – Functions & Features

PROXIA KPI.web – Software Impressions


Mobile – Flexible – Real-time

All processes running in the company can be evaluated, controlled and, if necessary, corrected with KPIs (e.g. OEE key figures). PROXIA KPI.web offers all the advantages of a modern software solution to meet these requirements.

  • Business Intelligence for Production
  • Unique measures management
  • Hybrid data processing technology
  • Fast implementability and great flexibility
  • Standardized evaluations (DIN standard sheet 66412)

The PROXIA Plus: KPI.web – your added value

Costs under control

Reducing downtime and optimally utilizing machines not only saves time, but also costs. Meaningful evaluations - in real time - enable timely analyses. This enables targeted control and does not tie up unnecessary machine capacities and personnel resources. This allows you to deliver faster and more flexibly, and also reduces your manufacturing costs.

Autonomous system

PROXIA KPI.web does not require any operation via the employees. Once installed, it works fully automatically. PROXIA KPI.web is suitable for all plants in production - from single machines to production lines and CNC machining. The connection to the respective plant is also simple.

Quickly installed

A few hours after installation and connection to the machine, you can already get an idea of performance data, errors that occur and losses. All areas of a company are supported: Real-time information for shift operations; analyses and key figures for specialist departments; management information for strategic decisions.

€ benefit - economic efficiency

The efficiency and transparency created can significantly improve plant capacities. The reduction of manufacturing and quality costs as well as the assurance of delivery flexibility through shorter lead times are achieved. Better planning accuracy and costing also reduces costs.

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