Put an end to high energy costs – with our PROXIA MES solutions

Green Technology for energy efficiency

Energy costs keep rising – you want to avoid waste in production now, identify potentials and use them efficiently?

We support you in the sustainable optimization of energy consumption and energy costs in your production processes. With PROXIA’s MES solutions, you determine optimal switch-on and switch-off times for your machines. In this way, you efficiently control stand-by operation, among other things, and reduce energy consumption in production.

Your benefits with PROXIA MES for Green Technology – Green Products – Green Facility

  • Reduce standby times and energy consumption
  • Improve production efficiency and value creation
  • Gentle use of resources

Power guzzlers in stand-by mode

21 % of the annual operating costs of a machine result from electricity consumption. Frequent standby operation consumes energy without adding value – and can account for up to 40% of annual consumption.

PROXIA MES gives you full transparency on setup times, material and personnel availability. This allows you to close planning gaps and avoid organizational standstills. Our MES solutions enable better resource planning and end-to-end harmonization of production processes. The result: less standby, less unnecessary power consumption.

Reducing standby operation by optimizing operating and downtimes is a sustainable means of saving energy and costs – and conserving limited resources. More energy efficiency makes for more competitiveness!

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Our MES solution paths for energy cost savings

1. PROXIA control station planning of operating times and downtimes

By determining specific downtimes, machines can be shut down and started up in time.

2. PROXIA BDE and reporting to check the actual operating times.

Downtime blocks are identified and can be efficiently eliminated.

Optimal planning of resources

With the individual, reliable PROXIA MES Industry solutions for machine plant engineering, automotive, plastics and chemical industry, contract manufacturing, tool and die making and many more… plan resources and machine utilization optimally – we ensure transparency and provide the central basis for improving your OEE! With the PROXIA Control room/Detailed planning, BDE and reporting, you control the standby operation of your machines. This saves you energy costs and protects the environment. Efficient Green Production with PROXIA MES is a building block of the Smart Factory in Industry 4.0!

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