PROXIA Control room/Detailed planning

Electronic planning board software – Complex processes simply planned

How do you determine machine assignments or the sequence and priority of orders in your company? An approach based on experience is only practicable up to a certain order volume.

However, if the number of production orders or the complexity increases, if material stocks, setup optimizations, order networks (multi-level planning) or multi-resources are also to be taken into account, the mere feeling is no longer sufficient. In these cases, the planner needs the support of a mathematical control center.

The PROXIA Control room software provides a tool for optimal machine assignment. At the same time, you keep an eye on the delivery dates of the production orders and are warned in good time of any delays by the electronic planning board. The system takes into account the effective capacity of the machine, resulting from the shift model and utilization factor.

Thanks to the latest software technology, you can simulate, compare and evaluate different solution approaches very quickly. Information on the corresponding worklist for production or assembly is included.

PROXIA Control room/Detailed planning –
Highlights & Benefits

  • Planning and simulation of complex manufacturing scenarios
  • Reduce lead times, minimize inventories
  • Planning with limited capacities and multi-resources
  • Plan rush and “executive orders” as well as order networks
  • Material availability planning and grouping of work sequences
  • Gantt, form and table functions for better clarity
  • Highest performance thanks to modular software technology
  • Can be networked with ERP/PPS and BDE/MDE systems
  • Consideration of the currently available capacities
  • Capacity reserves become visible
  • Transparency along the entire planning
  • Increased on-time delivery
  • Quick countermeasures in the event of bottlenecks

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PROXIA Control room/Detailed planning – Functions & Features

PROXIA Control room/Detailed planning – software impressions

The PROXIA Plus: Control room/Detailed planning – your added value

Optimal machine occupancy

An optimal planning result is generated by the automatic allocation of the machines. However, if other priorities are required, they can be adjusted manually using drag & drop.

Automatic planning of the sequence

The PROXIA Control room/Detailed planning software independently determines the most optimal sequence of orders and operations to be processed. For example, ideal setup times for the machines can be achieved.

Inclusion of all important resources

The PROXIA Control room/Detailed planning software integrates all necessary resources such as personnel, machine, material, tools and the orders themselves.

Making disturbances visible

If discrepancies occur in the planning, e.g. machine failures or even personnel absences, the planner receives visual information that a conflict is brewing.

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