Monitoring – “smart” window into production

PROXIA MES Monitoring – everything under control, live & mobile

On the way to the smart factory – with networked production monitoring in real time! This is possible with our module “Monitor.web” in the context of the analysis and visualization of operating and machine data through the use of innovative web technologies – and completely independent of the terminal device used.

Whether notebook, tablet PC or smartphone, web access is all that is needed to open the “window into production” via the “Monitor.web” module. Different views, optimized for the respective application areas and depending on the requirements, can be set up here: List or tile view, hall view or a combination of the different views.

Monitor.web –
Highlights & Benefits

  • Dynamic visualization through the use of PROXIA “pre-filter technology
  • Absolutely platform-independent through integration in the web browser
  • Flexibly configurable views, e.g. list, tile and hall views
  • Access restriction via the PROXIA roles/rights system
  • Improved clarity by focusing on the essential content in icon, color and text form
  • Intuitive user guidance through Modern XI visualization and operating concept for foolproof data selection, low training effort and high user acceptance
  • Modern tile design with gesture and multi-touch control, based on Windows 8
  • Clear display of machine states and faster access to important information
  • Maximum individualization options, configurable to the respective user and easy to administer

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Monitor.web – Functions & Features

PROXIA Monitor.web – Software impressions

PROXIA Online Monitor –

the “smart” window into production

With PROXIA Online Monitor, the responsible person has immediate insight into the current situation in his manufacturing and production. Running times and non-productive times, piece counts or scrap values, for example, are displayed in real time. PROXIA Online Monitor is thus just as ideal a tool for the foreman in his focused area as it is for the planner or production manager for whom a global view is more important. And if necessary, the notification of events is made by SMS or e-mail.

  • End-to-end transparency and seamless production monitoring
  • Real-time acquisition of machine running times and operations
  • Cross-plant capacity and bottleneck planning
  • Precise specifications and recalculation based on exact values
  • More flexibility through information on plant availability
  • 100% batch traceability

The PROXIA Plus: Manager – your added value

Independent use

PROXIA Monitor.web is available as a desktop as well as a web application - so it can be used fully mobile on tablet PCs or smartphones. Monitor.web is absolutely platform independent, as it can run on any web browser.

User-friendly handling

PROXIA Modern XI, based on the Microsoft WIN 10 operating philosophy, enables intuitive user guidance. Clear visualization and operation ensure low training requirements and high user acceptance.

Production under control

Thanks to the clear display of machine and system statuses and fast mobile access to important information, you have a live view of production at all times and can quickly take countermeasures accordingly.

Individual detailed views

All detailed views from production can be configured individually to the requirements of the respective user with PROXIA Monitor.web and can be administered easily and centrally for this purpose.

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