MES Analysis – MES Controlling

Making the right decisions

Your goal: shorter delivery times, more individual products and smaller batch sizes? To keep up, you need to be able to make the right decisions quickly and change course during the production phase. After all, companies can only remain competitive through sustainable rationalization. With the PROXIA MES modules MES Monitoring and KPI/OEE Analysis, you have the strings in your hand.

Here, there is no longer any need to laboriously analyze printed Excel spreadsheets. Here, there are no more production processes that can only be optimized afterwards. Comprehensive visualizations and evaluations of operating and machine data in real time enable you to make the right decisions immediately.

The continuous improvement process (CIP) is the basis for increasing productivity along the entire value chain.

PROXIA MES Analysis – Software Modules

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Highlights & Benefits

  • Real-time production at a glance
  • Better use of existing capacities
  • Increase planning accuracy
  • Increase material and energy efficiency
  • Avoid mistakes
  • Individual configuration of information content
  • Easy access to external data sources
  • Data preparation and updating without additional effort
  • Greater delivery flexibility due to shorter lead times
  • Check performance values of new plants
  • Efficient work through visual production management
  • Reduce manufacturing and quality costs
  • Modern hardware and software technologies – web-based

The PROXIA Plus:
MES Analysis – your added value

MES - Basis for CIP

With PROXIA MES Analysis, you have the overview: Key figures and analyses are automatically available on a daily basis. For the continuous improvement process (CIP), it is essential to compare the OEE figures of processes that have already been run with existing processes.

MES - real-time for transparency

PROXIA MES Monitoring gives you a comprehensive overview of production in real time - and transparency along the entire value chain. The status of individual machines, current production figures or alarm messages are clearly displayed.

MES - Increase productivity

More efficiency guarantees more output. With PROXIA MES Monitoring, you can create the basis for optimal utilization of plants and machines, detect bottlenecks faster and earlier, and take countermeasures. For more productivity!

MES - making the right decision

All information or evaluations in the right place at the right time. PROXIA KPI/OEE software creates independence in day-to-day business and enables those responsible to make fast and correct decisions.

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