• The new PROXIA Action Manager

    The new PROXIA Action Manager

    Managing the Continuous Improvement Process
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  • MES instead of .xls –  into the “green” in real time

    MES instead of .xls –
    into the “green” in real time

    Automated and seamless data acquisition
    at Schneider Electric SE
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  • Make the best use of the Cloud in an MES context!

    Make the best use of the Cloud
    in an MES context!

    PROXIA Prozessdaten-Modul
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  • Industry 4.0 is here!

    Industry 4.0 is here!

    PROXIA - practical MES integration
    for production networking
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PROXIA is the leading provider of cutting-edge MES solutions for manufacturing

PROXIA MES-Software – Flexible MES solutions for your Smart Factory

PROXIA Manufacturing Execution System – The MES System for Lean Production

Do you want flawless production with more transparent, faster responding and more efficient processes? Your decision to use PROXIA MES-Software lays the foundation for the sustainable improvement of your production processes with a view to improving your OEE key indicator (overall equipment effectiveness), increased availability and enhanced resource efficiency, as well as better product quality.

That’s why PROXIA is the right partner for you:

What our customers say

Andreas Fabian - Production Manager

Andreas Fabian

Production Manager


Top marks with MES: 97% Availability
„Almost 100% equipment availability, less than 1.5% scrap, 50% less organisational work – MES software boosts production at PENN GmbH.“

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Ekkehard Böhm - Managing Director

Ekkehard Böhm

Managing Director

Tillmann Profil GmbH

MES “IT production memory” Industry 4.0
“Setting up a sustainable „IT production memory" through MES implementation from PROXIA machine and production data collection ensures greater transparency and better production controlling - an important step towards Industry 4.0 for us!”

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  • PROXIA XI-Gateway – smart & universally networked

    With the knowledge that Industry 4.0 systems expect communication via OPC-UA, but many machines and systems can only communicate based on other technologies, PROXIA has developed the XI gateway. This component is capable of transforming various communication types and protocols in OPC-UA.

    Transform MTConnect into OPC-UA with the PROXIA XI Gateway, making machine data for Industry 4.0 systems easy and straightforward to access.

    Use what you have - for what you need!
    • Combination of standardized data model (MTConnect) and secure transmission of data (OPC-UA)
    • Use of the machine data for availability and performance analyzes as well as visualizations and evaluations
    • Make vertical and horizontal networking possible, even with heterogeneous machinery
    • Take existing technologies to a new level and make them Industry 4.0 capable
    • The XI Gateway as a central "data provider" for your Industry 4.0 environment

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  • PROXIA Cloud & MES – Optimum cloud usage in the MES context!

    The customer-oriented, new "SaaS concept" (Software as a Service) is fully in line with the trend, especially the Industry 4.0 idea. That is, the software is provided by an external service provider, e.g. on-site, hosted and offered. The customer only obtains the service of the service over the Internet and does not have to worry about the hardware anymore.

    It seems an ideal solution. Nevertheless, it raises the question of whether all the data must be or should be managed in this way? In the context of MES, PROXIA has a meaningful and practicable solution with its hybrid cloud concept:

    • Scalable storage solutions using the latest cloud technologies
    • Sensitive and time-sensitive data remains in the private core database of your company
    • Cloud data provisioning for targeted external use outside the company
    • Compliance with the highest privacy standards combined with the greatest possible flexibility and storage scaling
    • Hybrid operation of both concepts as the basis for Industry 4.0: secure, scalable, flexible and complete

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  • OPC-UA: PROXIA standardizes M2M data exchange

    As part of the Industry 4.0 philosophy, OPC Unified Architecture (OPC-UA) has become the new data exchange standard for secure, reliable manufacturer and platform-independent industrial communication. It allows data exchange between products from different manufacturers, independent of operating systems. Thanks to its versatility, OPC-UA can be used for all communication in production. PROXIA now provides a fully-integrated and highly configurable OPC-UA client in its MES solution.

    • Reliable and secure data acquisition and modeling
    • Data exchange between products from different manufacturers, independent of the operating system
    • Fully integrable into existing infrastructure, even older control systems
    • More flexibility in data exchange between SPS and MES thanks to “real-time communication”
    • Maximum failure backup through Historical Access (e.g. when network connection is lost)
    • Almost unlimited scaling: Component configuration for individual requirements
    • Maximum data and transmission security: secure, encryptable and advanced certificates
    • Minimal system integration costs thanks to the use of ONE common architecture

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News & Updates

  • The new PROXIA Action Manager

    The new PROXIA Action Manager

    Managing the Continuous Improvement Process

    Is the success of an action in the eye of the beholder? In other words, does success hinge upon individual judgements or on personal perceptions?
    The new PROXIA Action Manager eliminates this uncertainty from production, and guarantees a reliable, digital continuous improvement process (CIP).

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  • Review of the Hannover Messe 2019

    Review of the Hannover Messe 2019

    Thank you for your visit!

    PROXIA presented the latest MES solutions and trends under the headline “Setting the pace for digitisation of your production”.

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  • Schneider Electric SE User Report

    Schneider Electric SE User Report

    MES instead of .xls – into the “green” in real time

    PROXIA MES software provides automated and seamless data acquisition to Schneider Electric, while creating a reliable OEE database for production.

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  • Really simple: PROXIA RSS Manager

    Really simple: PROXIA RSS Manager

    For requirement-based communication in production

    PROXIA RSS Manager - your “ears” in production – an add-on to a notification system to create “own RSS feed” functionality.

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  • Storage and transport – Useful added value in an MES context

    Storage and transport – Useful added value in an MES context

    PROXIA Internal transport logistics

    As order numbers rise, the production process overview is quickly lost. So when it comes to warehousing and transportation, the question often arise of where are the semi-finished goods kept, because we need complete the current step? The answer is an advanced MES solution within a comprehensive LEAN concept.

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  • MES data acquisition with ERP software – does it do the job?

    MES data acquisition with ERP software – does it do the job?

    MES Software vs ERP System?

    Nowadays, cutting-edge MES solutions are far more than just plain old acquisition systems. Within the overall Industry 4.0 concept, a modern MES system is about much more than that. Digitisation and networking of the shop floor is now often part and parcel of the daily routine! The question arises of whether MES software is in competition with the ERP system?

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