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Leading industry associations bring together the interests of individual member industrial companies, industry specialists, as well as the software and IT sector, to achieve common goals or concepts. The expertise of each member is thus incorporated into the target setting and serves to facilitate knowledge management. This is how synergies are used in working or expert groups. The entire industry sector benefits from standardized solutions, guidelines, concepts, standards, procedure catalogs, etc. These issues are discussed and analyzed. Associations simplify complex issues and bring problems to a head. Transparent solutions result and new benchmarks are set. PROXIA works closely with leading German industrial associations:

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VDMA (Mechanical Engineering Industry Association) is the largest industry association in Europe. It represents more than 3,100 prominent SMEs in the investment goods industry. Its task is to represent common commercial, technical and scientific interests in mechanical engineering, especially with regard to national and international authorities and business groups. Members are entitled to information, advice and support. PROXIA is an active member of the VDMA software association.

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The MES D.A.CH association wishes to discuss the possible applications and benefits of MES in suitable committees and conferences. These should be made accessible to further market segments. The association focuses on German-speaking countries in Europe with the aim of achieving greater effectiveness in communication and the organization of meetings and discussion forums. PROXIA is actively involved in working groups to improve standards relating to MES topics and the practical integration of MES in production.

Successful PROXIA Association activities – for practical MES solutions

VDMA & PROXIA – Standard MES key indicators for Industry 4.0

The VDMA DIN working group has been working on a proposal for a standardized definition of key indicators in the area of production systems, quality management and material flow since 2007. PROXIA Software AG is part of this working group in the VDMA.

In order to objectively assess the performance of a company, it must be comparable to other companies in the same category. One thing is certain: Production management systems, including Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), are becoming increasingly common on the market, as they are able to plan for limited resources and allow the progress of production to be monitored in real-time.

Globally, there are a number of different trends, the main one being Industry 4.0. In the USA for example, key indicators are more concise and given a monetary value. Germany and, in particular, the VDMA are world leaders in terms of concrete formula-based values for this trend. The goal is to make companies comparable both nationally and internationally. However, the problems do not lie in content or technology. Rather it is the arbitrary interpretation of the reasons that is actually the main problem here. This room for manipulation leads to a company being able to present itself in a better light.

To date, VDMA standard sheets 66412-1 and 66412-2 have been published. The former includes standard definitions of 22 crucial MES key indicators for discrete production. A key indicator effect model has been determined for these key indicators in VDMA standard sheet 66412-2. Both sheets serve as the basis for the ISO standard, which currently exists as a draft. The third standard sheet deals with the origin of figures for discrete MES key indicators and is still in the process of development.

It is expected that these key indicators will be established as the basic standard in practice. Stakeholders for MES have been won over, which significantly speeds up the opinion-making process with works councils (more flexible working hours) and traceability requirements for finished products. These are the key growth drivers for the increasing use of MES – especially in the context of Industry 4.0.

Extract from VDMA standard sheet 66412-1 “Manufacturing Execution Systems”:

  • Quality rate
  • Setup efficiency
  • Technical productivity
  • Production process ratio
  • Reject ratio
  • First Pass Yield (FPY)
  • Rework rate
  • Machine capability index
  • Critical machine capability index
  • Process capability index
  • Critical process capability index

As a VDMA working group member, we are always happy to provide you with information on current development and trends, as well as issues surrounding MES key indicators at any time.

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MES-DACH Association & PROXIA – for a competitive Smart Factory

The increased efficiency of members is the goal of the MES-DACH association, which it aims to achieve in cooperation with members. PROXIA is an integral part of these events, giving presentations and providing MES expertise from practical experience to practical implementation.

The MES DACH association focuses on production IT and MES: The entire value added process, including all technical and organizational areas, is included here. These include the machine level (SPS), data loggers (logger), production control (MES), ERP systems (e.g. SAP), etc.

Small enterprises should also be informed of the options open to them regarding MES, and how they can be implemented technically. Helping companies help themselves should then lead to SMEs being able to evaluate systems and make the right decisions.

In order to achieve these goals, we are working with the MES DACH association to promote the exchange of information, including the national and international standardization of MES functions and two-way interfaces for such systems. Through our involvement with MES-DACH, we are also keeping the industry up-to-date with regard to the technical status, application and development of MES. We do this through trade shows, presentations, conferences, and joint campaigns, etc. At the same time, we get support on all topics relating to production and manufacturing from practice in the form of users.

As a member of the MES DACH association, we will be happy to provide you with information on current trends at any time, and keep you up-to-date with news and updates on the association’s work.

PROXIA PLUS: Our association activities – Your added value

Practical Information

The MES-DACH association regularly holds forums together with its members, e.g. “MES im Fokus.” Current issues are discussed and interesting presentations are given here. PROXIA is an integral part of these events as a key MES specialist and partner. Non-members may also attend to allow participants to exchange valuable information regarding specific solutions, concepts and strategies.

Standardized key indicators

In order to objectively assess the performance of a company, it must be comparable to other companies in the same category. For this reason, the VDMA DIN working group has been developing a proposal for a standardized definition of key indicators in the areas of production systems, quality management and material flow in cooperation with PROXIA since 2007.

Focusing company interests

Together with leading German industrial associations, PROXIA analyzes and discusses important topics and trends in the industry such as Industry 4.0, and their implementation in practice. The selection and bundling of topics develops and promotes the companies in this industry and paves the way to the future.

Achieving common goals faster – creating standards

Growing competition in the course of globalization has resulted in increased efficiency, improved on-time delivery and the assurance of high standards in companies. Cooperation between PROXIA and leading associations provides the ideal basis to support and drive these goals.

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