PROXIA TPM.web software – optimize maintenance and repair costs

PROXIA TPM.web software – Combine maintenance and production planning

PROXIA Product TPM.web example

Information networking is a key element in the long-term transformation of a company to a Smart Factory.

PROXIA TPM.web software supports information networking throughout the entire production and maintenance process. In this way, maintenance measures are identified on the basis of machine notifications and personnel reports, and forwarded to production planning according to requirements.

By visualizing planned maintenance measures in Gantt view, the planner can coordinate different maintenance times in order to minimize downtimes. This reduction not only minimizes costs, but also guarantees the greater availability of machines and equipment, and therefore ensures more efficient production.

PROXIA TPM.web software – Highlights & Benefits

PROXIA TPM.web software - Highlights and Benefits at a glance

  • All maintenance work can be planned in advance and seen at a glance
  • Mobile, platform-independent capture of maintenance tasks
  • Digital documentation of all maintenance and repair work
  • Proof of maintenance overheads
  • Forecast costs for maintenance, from cost centre to module
  • Preparation of documents that support autonomous activities
  • Documentation of tasks performed and required spare parts
  • Advice and notification of faults/defects
  • Procedure management and suggestions for machine operators
PROXIA Product TPM Maintenance/Repair

PROXIA TPM.web software – Functions & Features

  • Maintenance tasks are scheduled and allocated to maintenance personnel via PROXIA TPM.web using a graphic user interface. Production-related downtimes can also be factored in, as can employee qualifications. This allows the maintenance planner to make the best use of the resources at his/her disposal. At the same time, the maintenance planner can access information online regarding which tasks have been completed and the status of production equipment.

    PROXIA Product TPM.web example 2
  • With PROXIA TPM.web, scheduled jobs are visualized online for staff at their terminals. This increases flexibility in maintenance and minimizes machine downtime. It lets the maintenance engineer fully document all completed jobs. Spare parts and consumables used are also recorded here, along with the service times of the maintenance engineers. Depending on the documentation’s level of detail, any document type can also be attached to documentation using TPM.web. It is thus possible to add, for example, inspection reports or photo documentation to the maintenance history.

    PROXIA Product TPM.web example 3
  • Reduce maintenance costs, minimize downtime, and fully document maintenance jobs. A modern maintenance department faces these challenges daily. The PROXIA “Maintenance & Repair” module is designed to address this. Quick and easy acquisition of information for maintenance engineers on site, and a structured overview of all planned maintenance, inspection, and repair work for planners create the basis for quick and focused maintenance decisions.

    PROXIA Product TPM.web example 4
  • PROXIA TPM.web software communicates digitally between machine operators and maintenance planning. The creation of maintenance plans and management of consumable materials provides maintenance personnel with comprehensive work instructions. Maintenance can then be carried out according to schedule. Maintenance cycles can be modified according to need based on feedback from production. Management of consumables, organisation of resources (tools, test devices, etc.), resource management, and the administration of maintenance resources such as fire extinguishers, security systems, etc. form a part of the convenient PROXIA TPM.web functions.

    PROXIA Product TPM.web example 5

PROXIA process data capture – perfect visualisation for maintenance

PROXIA Process data capture – visualise process data to stabilise processes

Process data - this is data which documents the actual parameters with which a process is performed. Normally, this data is used by plant controllers to control the process. This information, e.g. temperatures, pressures or speeds, remains mostly in the controllers and is not used for other tasks. These are however key parameters which provide information on the status of machines and systems. For example then, deviations from the specified process can be recognised quickly through permanent visualisation of the relevant process parameters.

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PROXIA Product Process-data-module

PROXIA TPM.web – Software impressions

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    • PROXIA TPM.web – Reduce maintenance costs – Improve production planning

      Efficient production processes need intact systems and machines. Their preservation costs money, and the continuous improvement of machines and equipment often prevents the reduction of costs. TPM.web helps overcome these challenges:

      • Creating maintenance plans
      • Automatic generation of draft maintenance plans based on cycle models
      • Management of maintenance reports: Digital communication between machine operators and the maintenance planner
      • Machine history: What was done by whom? What spare parts were fitted and when? Test reports, photos, etc.
      • Module management: Planning maintenance and repairs at module level
      • Management of maintenance personnel: Allocation of maintenance personnel to tasks, taking into account employee qualifications

      More information

    • TPM. Module Manager – Smart management of machines and systems

      Smart & clever – two characteristics that go hand in hand. A Smart Factory requires smart solutions, including maintenance and repair. With PROXIA TPM.Module Manager, you can keep a digital overview of several complex production systems and act accordingly.

      • Easy module management for complex systems and machines
      • “Installation and removal” of modules via drag & drop
      • Quicker information on all pending work on a module in the Manager Module
      • Intuitive, user-friendly control
      • Configurable module information screen
      • Analysis of costs, maintenance intensity and spare parts requirements up to module level
      • Creation of a digital module file

      More information

    • Process data module – The intelligent tool for maintenance

      In today’s modern production environment, machine and production data, as well as process data, offers plenty of potential for process optimization. The PROXIA process data module stores, uses and visualizes temperatures, pressures or speeds, and therefore provides another building block for the smart factory.

      • Don’t let rejects occur!
      • Run processes at the optimal speed
      • Use the process data captured by MES for your maintenance!
      • Online monitoring of telemetry data, on mobile terminals too
      • Automatic generation of maintenance reports
      • Reduce reaction times and downtimes!
      • Identify the causes of problems and take the appropriate action
      • Create a database for automated decision-making processes
      • Process data as an “enabler” for Maintenance 4.0

      More information

    PROXIA PLUS: TPM.web software – Your added value

    Strengthen the sense of responsibility

    The machine operator performs and takes responsibility for more minor procedures.

    Save maintenance time and personnel

    A maintenance technician does not have to be called for every minor maintenance job. This saves costs and above all production time.

    Archive history

    The archiving function of PROXIA TPM.web records what was fitted, where and when, routine maintenance is kept to a minimum.

    Prevent breakdowns

    Useful, preventive maintenance suggestions by PROXIA TPM.web significantly reduce defects and failures of machines and systems.

    PROXIA TPM.web Software – News & Use Cases


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