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MES Industry solutions – PROXIA MES solution expertise in industry-specific detail

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From practical experience to practical implementation! At PROXIA, the focus is not only on maximum IT or MES-Software expertise, but also on specific solutions for your industry. In order to offer practical MES solutions, it is important to know the relevant requirements in each industry. Based on our many years of experience in many MES projects and our expertise in the MES field (e.g. BDE, MDE, CAQ), we are aware of these industry requirements. PROXIA MES-Software gives you industry-specific modules that match the specific production processes or production technologies in your industry. We have tailored solutions for companies in discrete manufacturing – focusing on different sectors, e.g. machine/plant construction, contract manufacturing, automotive, tool and mold construction, as well as the plastics and chemical industries.

As an independent MES solution provider, PROXIA offers a wide range of integrated total and detailed solutions for the optimization of different processes, production methods and industries. Standard, transformable software products developed in-house form the basis of our industry-specific solutions. Economic aspects and the optimization of technical processes are priorities in the implementation of the respective MES industry solution. PROXIA MES-Software helps you prevent errors and waste, reduce costs and increase your productivity.

PROXIA MES Industry solutions – in detail

Machine/Plant construction

Machine/Plant construction is subject to very short innovation cycles. New technologies must be quickly and efficiently considered and implemented in development and production. Factors such as quality, costs and delivery flexibility determine the value chain in this industry. PROXIA offers MES solutions that support cross-departmental communication processes – transparency and consistency, all in “real time”.

PROXIA MES-Software features:

  • Comparative key indicator analysis
  • Two-way communication with the shop floor
  • Personnel resources planning
PROXIA Product MES Industry solutions Machine/Plant construction

Contract manufacturing

Contract manufacturers are a special area of discrete manufacturing. They provide services for other companies, e.g. completing semi-finished products. As a result, products only pass through part of the value chain and the contract manufacturer is faced with many different customers and a wide range of products. A high level of flexibility, wide range of customer requirements and wide variety of production and process flows present a real challenge for the MES system. The modular PROXIA MES system offers the ideal way to meet the needs of this industry.

PROXIA MES-Software features:

  • Needs-based software structuring
  • High degree of process standardization
  • Efficient use of resources
  • Increased flexibility
PROXIA Product MES Industry solutions contract manufacturing

Automotive industry

In the automotive sector, terms such as “just in time“ or “just in sequence” are part of the daily routine, as are strict quality requirements and standards – both national and international – which need to be met day after day. PROXIA MES-Software provides consistent solutions that meet these requirements in terms of quality and production processes.

PROXIA MES-Software features:

  • Complete process documentation
  • Precise drill-down functionality
  • Cross-departmental planning
PROXIA Product MES Industry solutions automotive

Tool/Mold construction

The challenge in tool and mold construction is based on product quality and the needs of customers. Maximum precision – for serial production to a batch size of one – is a requirement that must be met by this industry. Efficiency and automation pose an enormous challenge, especially with regard to small batch sizes. PROXIA CAQ, BDE and MDE solutions for example, can help you overcome these challenges. They bring transparency and consistency to production.

PROXIA MES-Software features:

  • Detailed component documentation
  • Detailed resource planning
  • Securing repetitive processes
PROXIA Product MES Industry solutions Tool/Mold construction

Plastics industry

The plastics industry is dominated by international business. Global locations are mostly the result of a need to respond to international market changes just in time. In addition, value added processes are geared directly at the customer. Automated processes far beyond the company’s premises are key requirements for companies in the plastics industry. With PROXIA MES-Software you can achieve this consistency across several locations online. Capturing data and quality control with regard to formula components and viscosity are crucial in plastic polymerization and processing to avoid rejects or higher costs. PROXIA MES-Software can also help here.

PROXIA MES-Software features:

  • Automated data acquisition
  • Integration of statistical quality management systems
  • Secure material flow
PROXIA Product MES Industry solutions Plastics industry

Chemical industry

High investment in research and development, volatile raw material processes, complex process technologies, etc. mean that companies must work ever more economically and respond more flexibly to market changes. With PROXIA MES-Software it’s easy to overcome the challenges specific to this industry.

PROXIA MES-Software features:

  • Procedure management
  • Process and key indicator monitoring
  • Automated process data acquisition
  • Process data acquisition
PROXIA Product MES Industry solutions chemical industry
  • 15% improvement in <span class=on-time-delivery with MES">
  • Hot steel planning  <span class=with a cool head">
  • MES gets <span class=the barrels rolling">
  • MES instead of .xls <span class=– into the “green” in real time">
  • 15% improvement in on-time-delivery with MES

    In order to increase long-term competitiveness, Saarschmiede uses the PROXIA MES scheduling system to manufacture high-tech forged products. Thanks to fine-granular planning, on-time-delivery has increased by 15% up to 95%. Enhanced detailed planning can now quickly forecast the impact of changes to order processing with great precision.

    • Improvement of on-time-delivery by 15%
    • Effective support for business transformation leading to greater competitiveness
    • Prompt delivery of long-term projects
    • Quick simulation of changes to detailed planning
    • Excellent system integration with seamless ERP-MES data transfer
    • Improved forecast planning for sales use

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  • Hot steel planning with a cool head

    When it comes to cold drawn steel, Steeltec provides product and performance expertise to SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH AG. The continuous improvement process (CIP), supported by seamless production monitoring from PROXIA MDE/BDE with diligent MES controlling, reports, and key indicators, has led to a reduction of up to 50% in set-up times, and a 15% increase in production output. In addition, Steeltec is around 70% on the way to achieving the goal of paperless production through the use of Proxia MES.

    • Precise MDE/BDE acquisition and production monitoring at two locations
    • Reliable data basis for informative production key indicators
    • Set-up times reduced by up to 50%
    • Increased productivity by up to 15%
    • Long-term support for Group digitisation initiatives

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  • MES gets the barrels rolling

    Beer and barrel production remain attractive markets. Blefa Beverage Systems, part of the Artemis Holding, has been at the forefront of this sector over several decades as a leading manufacturer of top-quality kegs. PROXIA MES software with machine and production data acquisition systems for monitoring two interlinked production lines makes a long-term contribution towards increasing output by more than 15%. Blefa is now well set to continue its upward trajectory.

    • Output increased by 15%
    • Precise MDE/BDE acquisition for piece-count output
    • Long-term support of the strategic objective:
    • Output increased by 25% with existing resources
    • Valid data basis for improved quality
    • Intuitive BDE input means high levels of acceptance
    • Leading-edge OPC-UA machine connection for MDE
    • Exact data for detailed value stream mapping

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  • MES instead of .xls – into the “green” in real time

    From its original foundation in 1836, Schneider Electric SE has been seen in France as a company that leads the way when it comes to innovative products. Today, the portfolio includes power distribution plants to medium and low voltage networks and industrial automation facilities. The knowledge of belonging to a pioneer in its respective fields has also helped shape the mentality of its employees more than 180 years after the company’s foundation. In order to maintain its leading technological and market position, the company needs innovative production processes alongside products of outstanding quality. PROXIA MES software gives the Schneider plant in Sarre-Union the opportunity to enhance production transparency, and to create a reliable database for calculating OEE.

    • MES instead of .xls – into the “green” in real time
    • Automatic, flawless and seamless data acquisition
    • Much shorter machine idle time and downtimes
    • Mapping of an extremely complex, varied production process
    • MES monitoring for quicker analysis of faults
    • Reliable key indicators and OEE database for Industry 4.0
    • High level of production and SAP competence – quick introduction of MES

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PROXIA PLUS: Industry solutions – Your added value

Use of synergies

Developments and trends from the entire global market and various industries are incorporated into PROXIA MES-Software. Take advantage of this huge information pool.

Tailored MES-Software

PROXIA MES-Software is customized and individually tailored to the respective industry and individual company – without moving away from the standard and update capability. There are no additional costs or potential errors.

Always up-to-date

Always on the cutting-edge. All necessary individual project-related developments are immediately incorporated into the standard of existing PROXIA MES-Software and are available to you in the next update. This ensures 100% release capability.

First-class customer care

Our consultants and on-site technicians are experts in your industry. All necessary modifications for individual customers are always based on MES standard software. After-sales service and support is also provided on a hotline.

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