The right data to the Cloud – with PROXIA MES

Make the best use of the Cloud in an MES context!

The trendy new “SaaS concept” (Software as a Service) is a customer-based principle. The software is installed with an external service provider, and the customer only uses the service without having to worry about hardware. If SaaS is still linked to a pay-per-use billing system, the customer only pays for actual use of the software. In addition, the customer benefits from updates and new software functions, without the need for anyone on-site, and without having to update the existing system. A great solution at first glance. But should or must all data be managed this way? PROXIA offers an efficient and practical solution with its Cloud concept.

Highlights and benefits – PROXIA MES and Cloud technologies

  • Why decide for or against the Cloud, when you can have both?
  • Scalable storage solutions through the use of the latest Cloud technologies
  • Sensitive and time-critical data remains in your company’s private core database
  • Cloud data delivery for targeted external use outside the company
  • Compliance with the strictest data protection guidelines, combined with maximum flexibility and storage scaling
  • Hybrid operation of both concepts as the basis for Industry 4.0: secure, scalable, flexible and comprehensive

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