PROXIA News Action Manager
PROXIA News Action Manager

The new PROXIA Action Manager

Managing the Continuous Improvement Process

Is the success of an action in the eye of the beholder? In other words, does success hinge upon individual judgements or on personal perceptions?
The new PROXIA Action Manager eliminates this uncertainty from production, and guarantees a reliable, digital continuous improvement process (CIP).

Digital CIP

In a continuous improvement process, it is often difficult to evaluate the actions taken quickly and with a specific objective in mind. This is where the controlling cockpit of the PROXIA Action Manager comes into play. The system can be used to check whether the actions taken have achieved their specific aims, or for a change of status.

How does the PROXIA action management system work?

Practically speaking, a change to machine downtimes caused by lack of material for example, can be analysed by an action such as “Launch of software for forklift control”. At the same time, the action coordinator can check the impact on the order cycle time. Checks to make sure that actions that have been taken in the past have achieved their goal, may have to be performed from time to time (verification); it is important here that an analysis can be carried out quickly, easily and straightforwardly, as the number of controlling tasks rises with each performed action.

The PROXIA Action Manager is a software tool which allows a company to integrate a digital CIP into its production operations.

An action is filed as a digital image in the system. All facts which describe the action are summarised in a system. These include, for example: Implementation periods, point of contact, dates for resubmission, description of action, or accompanying documents. Typical target audiences for PROXIA Action Manager include lean production representatives, six sigma representatives, and CIP managers.

Analysis options with reference to an action

  • Changes in classic KPIs such as OEE, availability, performance efficiency, scrap rate,
    set-up status, rework rate, or technical efficiency (OPC-UA)
  • Variation in cycle time
  • Change in delivery reliability
  • Change in scrap rate with the option of tracking the changing specific reasons for the scrap
  • Change analysis for captured “downtimes” and all other “time types”


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