PROXIA News Green production for increased energy efficiency
PROXIA News Green production for increased energy efficiency

PROXIA – Green Production for increased energy efficiency

Protect the environment and save costs

Innovative detailed planning software from PROXIA can significantly reduce the standby times of machines and systems through optimal resource allocation. On one hand, this reduces the amount of standby time, which provides no value, while energy savings help protect the environment on the other.

In the past it was enough to produce top quality goods, but the requirements of successful production today have grown significantly. These requirements include environmental protection and responsible use of resources, e.g. energy. Protecting and preserving the environment for future generations has become a major issue in our society. Ecological taxes and recycling have now become standard. Yet energy efficiency is also becoming increasingly important in production, not only because of rising energy prices, but also to keep up with the competition.

A widespread problem in production is the long standby times of machines and systems. Organizational standstills mean energy consumption without added value. Machines and systems are not switched off to ensure thermal stability and processing accuracy. This effect is amplified in linked systems. A machine tool uses 30% of power consumption in standby mode. This corresponds to 21% of the machine’s annual operating costs.

PROXIA MES-Software presents a new solution to minimize standby times. The basic concept is as simple as it is effective: the more precisely machine and system resources are planned, the shorter the standby times which don’t add value. This provides a clear overview of when it is worth switching off a machine completely to save energy. The PROXIA BDE information service provides recommendations for shutdown to employees in the machine environment.

Machine and system master data is supplemented by a time-based start-up phase until thermal stability and processing accuracy is achieved. The system generates recommendations on whether load gaps in standby should be bridged or whether machines should be switched off. Further energy savings can also be taken into account. Uncertainty on the part of machine operators is eliminated by precise planning; all production processes are energy-efficient, and productivity is also increased. As a result, PROXIA contributes to energy-efficient production, as well as optimal use of existing resources.

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