PROXIA Global Industry 4.0 standards as the goal
PROXIA Global Industry 4.0 standards as the goal

Global Industry 4.0 standards as the goal

VDI-Z gives PROXIA the floor

Torsten Wenzel, a member of the Board of PROXIA Software AG, summarises Industry 4.0 in the editorial of the current issue of VDI-Z magazine. “Information must be provided directly and in an appropriate form for users and decision-makers.”

As the driving force behind Industry 4.0, German companies have long been in global competition to set standards for industrial digitisation that will shape the future structure of production operations. The development of these basic principles is ultimately the logical result of the “lean” concept of digitising company value chains. Demands for the efficiency, transparency, flexibility, performance and quality of products are increasingly steered by information collected by various data technology systems in different company divisions.

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