PROXIA News Digital maturity
PROXIA News Digital maturity

Digital maturity as a foundation for Industry 4.0

PROXIA Industry report in SMM

Everyone is talking about “digital factories”, “smart factories”, “Industry 4.0”, or “digital transformation”. But what does this mean for the companies who implement the concepts behind this terminology?

Companies find it difficult to see where they are on the way to making changes. Many factors often conflict here. One of the main difficulties is the lack of an evaluation scale. There is no one benchmark for “digital maturity”, nor are there reference definitions where companies can find guidance. Another issue many people only become aware of when practical work and problem solving to do with Industry 4.0 is begun is responsibility. Who or which department is responsible for Industry 4.0? IT? Production Planning? Lean Manager? Board of Directors? It quickly becomes clear here that Industry 4.0 and the increase in digital maturity is a common project between various disciplines in a company.

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