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Excellent service and sustainable support are part and parcel of our service and not simply added extras that apply to every single customer, every time. Even the best MES-Software is only good if service and support responds to your problems quickly and competently and solves them. We don’t provide off-the-shelf 0815 support – PROXIA MES Service and Support offers IT software and MES expertise combined with the highest production expertise and specialist knowledge of your industry.

With our multi-level service and support concept, we are always available and ready to help – whether over the phone, via our hotline service, by email, remote support or personally on-site. Individual MES Service and Support contracts also improve response time with up to 24/7 support.

The multi-level PROXIA MES Service and Support concept:

MES Service hotlines – quick answers to simple questions

PROXIA is there to provide its customers with fast and straightforward help and advice via its service hotlines. SIMPLE questions that arise in everyday use or your MES configuration settings can be solved directly over the phone on our MES service hotline.

Your additional benefit as a PROXIA Service and Support contract customer: Your call is handled as a priority, or we can be available for longer – up to 24/7 – depending on the contract.

MES remote support – quick help for everyday MES issues

For more complex issues concerning MES functionality, software configuration or problems, you can use our sophisticated IT support concept – which uses remote support software – quickly and online. Have you suddenly come across an issue that you can’t solve yourself on the spot? Use our modern online help desk system and show us your problem live. Our IT specialists will usually solve your problem directly using remote support software, or give you the appropriate help online – together with you, step by step, on screen.

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Direct at your location - MES intensive support and resolution of concrete issues

Of course, if your problems can’t be solved online or via remote support, we will come directly to you – quickly and right away. Our MES specialists will resolve complex issues with you and your employees directly at your production site. Of course, we are also available if you wish to discuss strategic MES issues in person. Simply make an appointment byphone, by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via our contact form.

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PROXIA PLUS: Service & Support – Your added value

Simple questions can be answered over the phone

Minor problems can be resolved quickly and easily over the phone. Our expert, friendly hotline operators are always there for you!

Solve complex problems using remote support software

More complex technical problems that need more explanation and visual help can be resolved with you live using remote support software via PROXIA Teamviewer.

Even faster with service and support contracts

PROXIA Service and Support contracts accelerate our response time and flexibility – for even quicker help and solutions outside business hours – efficiently and cost-effectively.

Specialists on all channels

Whether by phone, email, remote support or personally on site – our PROXIA MES service team, IT and production specialists are always there for you with regard to individual issues or problems!

PROXIA Service & Support – News & Use Cases

  • Saarschmiede GmbH User Report

    Saarschmiede GmbH User Report

    15% improvement in on-time-delivery with MES

    Successful business transformation for improved competitiveness: By introducing an MES scheduling system for detailed planning on the shop floor, Saarschmiede GmbH was able to improve its on-time-delivery (OTD) by around 15%.

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  • Big hitters of the process engineering industry talk to P&A

    Big hitters of the process engineering industry talk to P&A

    Statement by Torsten Wenzel: Maintaining an overview

    “Success is largely measured by the opinions of customers who test and run with a solution from scratch every day. Our main motivation is therefore to bring marketable innovations to the table as quickly as possible,” says T. Wenzel.

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  • PROXIA involvement in the “ADAPTION” research project

    PROXIA involvement in the “ADAPTION” research project

    Maturity-based migration to CPPS for SMEs

    PROXIA got involved in the “ADAPTION” research project to support small to medium-sized companies in implementing Industry 4.0 technologies.

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  • Steeltec User Report

    Steeltec User Report

    Hot steel planning with a cool head

    Vast benefits with minimal administration By using PROXIA MES, Steeltec was able to reduce its set-up times by up to 50%, and its productivity by up to 15%.

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  • Blefa GmbH User Report

    Blefa GmbH User Report

    MES gets the barrels rolling

    Better availability with MES: Blefa Beverage Systems uses PROXIA MDE/BDE with OPC-UA data communication in production. This provides more accurate piece-count output data and increases productivity by 15%.

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  • Smart Code

    Smart Code

    Süddeutsche Zeitung reports: Award for PROXIA

    PROXIA Software AG leads companies into their digital future, and is one of the 100 leading companies throughout Germany. The Ebersberg company has now been recognised for its work at the German SME Summit. Süddeutsche Zeitung reports...

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