PROXIA MES Modification and optimization – MES Customizing

PROXIA MES Modification and optimization – More performance for your MES

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PROXIA MES-Software is designed as standard software with maximum integration capability that meets the strictest performance requirements and paves the way to Industry 4.0.

With PROXIA MES-Software, you can create integrated, transparent production operations and processes at your company. Different industries require different solutions – and no company is the same even within one industry. They differ in machines and equipment, systems and processes. MES solutions must therefore be optimized specifically to the customer and implemented according to requirements. It is therefore vital to modify and upgrade your MES to meet your individual needs. We network all horizontal and vertical process structures with communication platforms and software interfaces, and thereby create a complete solution that integrates your peripheral software systems such as ERP and PPS applications, as well as your shop floor with all machines and equipment.

For your future-proof MES system – Optimal modification and optimization

Update and upgrade capability despite customization

As standard software, MES-Software usually only covers the standard, but not individual operating processes of a company. This means that it must be modified without losing release capability. There are a number of ways in which to modify PROXIA MES-Software. One is customizing, in which the parameters of the individual customer’s process are taken into account through configuration. Another way to meet the needs not met by the standard solution is by incorporating Add-ons (additional applications), without touching the core of the MES-Software. Normally, both modification options are chosen by a company according to needs and requirements. This holistic approach also ensures the ability to update and upgrade in the future.

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Includes scope for expansion - despite customization

Good advice often comes at a premium if company processes change, for example due to realignment or the manufacture of a new product with new production requirements. That’s not the case if the company uses PROXIA MES-Software. PROXIA MES-Software also guarantees easy expansion of existing MES-Software. In these cases, the modular software system allows the MES solution to be expanded and restructured. Individual changes within a company are not a KO for success, either now or in the future.

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PROXIA PLUS: MES Modification and optimization - Your added value

MES Standard – customized and highly integrated

Different industries require different solutions. PROXIA MES-Software, designed as standard software, can be individually modified and integrated to suit your processes.

Consistency right up to production

Interfaces network the different systems and create the necessary integrated solution. They reliably integrate peripheral systems such as ERP/PPS and the shop floor.

Individual solutions

Configuration instead of programming! PROXIA users can individually configure user interfaces and/or dialog at the push of a button, and create needs-based reports and analyzes.

Expandable and updatable MES

MES is driving the digitization of production in terms of Industry 4.0. The option of modifying MES standard software, is THE opportunity for all companies to expand their production to become a Smart Factory.

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