PROXIA MES Consulting – process optimization using the OEE method

PROXIA MES Consulting – Process consulting with implementation expertise

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What company does not want to achieve the goal of “ideal production”. Concrete solutions and approaches to implementation and a clear road map are often lacking. However, this major objective cannot be achieved overnight, but you can steadily work towards this goal. That’s where our expertise comes to the fore. We’ll be happy to help!

With its wealth of industry knowledge and IT experts, PROXIA offers advice based on practical experience for practical implementation. So if you want a more profitable production process with the right MES solutions, you’re in the right place! Through MES Consulting, PROXIA offers the opportunity to identify and utilize potentials for more efficient production processes. PROXIA implementation expertise coupled with high performance MES products guarantees quick project success and the achievement of your goals:

Improved quality – shorter delivery times – more efficient use of resources – longer machine and system running times. PROXIA “Process Consulting“ using the OEE method brings these objectives closer! A proven system that brings enormous potential for optimization in production: “MES Consulting with implementation expertise” consists of analysis, evaluation, conceptual design and a road map for practical implementation.

From practical experience to practical implementation – PROXIA MES Consulting main points

MES Consulting – individual, product-neutral and implementation-oriented

Finding the potential in your production, that’s the focus of the PROXIA Consulting workshop in which your company employees and industry-experienced PROXIA process consultants work together to create an individual list of questions during MES analysis. This cooperation ensures tailored results to your industry-specific production processes – separately and/or in addition to the solutions already in use.

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The PROXIA OEE method for holistic MES optimization scenarios

Holistic optimization scenarios are created based on the results of the MES analysis, PROXIA’s product expertise, together with many years of experience in the implementation of IT infrastructures in production. In addition to analysis, a very helpful and proven tool, the PROXIA OEE method is also used. OEE is an abbreviation for Overall Equipment Effectiveness. The OEE method can be used to identify system losses and what improvements can be achieved with the help of optimization measures. This key indicator has been developed within the framework of the Total Productive Management (TPM) approach. It answers questions such as: “Why has 100% of the available operating time not been utilized, and why wasn’t the planned speed reached and parts produced to the defined quality standard?” In addition, an individual ROI analysis is also generated. In presenting the results, PROXIA focuses on your individual requirements. This can be carried out in stages – from persuading a group of decision makers to a motivational presentation for employees and users.

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MES Management summary – “Road map for implementation”

The Production Manager takes home a detailed summary with an individual analysis, objectives and an action plan. Process optimization, with the management summary as a guide, can be implemented gradually – on your own with in-house personnel, or with competent external PROXIA MES specialists, using professional PROXIA MES-Software solutions, if required.

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PROXIA Prospect Process consulting

PROXIA MES Process consulting – Process consulting with implementation expertise

Why has 100% of available operating time not been utilized in production? Using the PROXIA OEE method, we uncover your losses and identify your productivity potential:

  • MES Analysis & Evaluation
  • Strategy & Conceptual design
  • Recommendations & Action plan

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PROXIA PLUS: MES Consulting – Your added value

On the team and the same level as our customers

Together, we use the OEE method in the team to root out process losses, analyze them and find the best overall solution for your production. We will be happy to assist in the implementation of your action plan with expert project management, and of course our high-performance MES-Software products.

More profit in the production process

With PROXIA MES Consulting, you get the maximum out of your production. After implementing PROXIA MES, you will be able to set up faster, have higher machine running times, the quality of your products will improve and your employee and machine resources will become far more efficient.

The PROXIA OEE Method guarantees MES success

Together with your employees, a detailed list of questions is answered and analyzed using the PROXIA OEE method – this is the basis for a goal-oriented MES project and a quick go-live.

Your personal, expert MES consultant

From MES consulting to project implementation – with PROXIA you have your own personal, expert consultant by your side. He/she remains your personal contact for the expert, reliable development of your MES infrastructure even after the project has been completed.

PROXIA MES Consulting – News & Use Cases

  • Real vs. ideal: The PROXIA brownfield approach

    Real vs. ideal: The PROXIA brownfield approach

    Convert grown machine parks to smart factories

    Greenfield vs. Brownfield: To convert machine parks that have grown over time into smart factories as part of a practice-oriented and efficient digital transformation.

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  • More production output: Red becomes colorful!

    More production output: Red becomes colorful!

    Digital twin of improvement measures with the PROXIA OEE/CIP method

    The PROXIA OEE method shows where the potential is on the shop floor based on operational data acquisition enhanced by messenger services, combined with measure management.

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  • Awarded the BITMi seal of approval

    Awarded the BITMi seal of approval "Software Made in Germany"

    PROXIA stands for: 100% service. 100% quality. 100% future.

    The MES software by PROXIA has been awarded the "Software Made in Germany" seal of quality by the IT Federal Association for medium-sized businesses.

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  • PROXIA is a “Best Technology Solution Provider for 2020”

    PROXIA is a “Best Technology Solution Provider for 2020”

    Company is presented with the international award for innovative technology providers

    Industry Era magazine praised for its new innovative XI Gateway technology and the unique Action Manager solution.

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  • Optimising prodution, remotely

    Optimising prodution, remotely

    Overcome the challenges posed by COVID-19 with innovative MES software tools

    The current COVID-19 pandemic has proven particularly challenging to production operations; fast, flexible action is often required to resolve issues. PROXIA is here to help with its innovative PROXIA MES software modules.

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  • Virtual MES Process Consulting

    Virtual MES Process Consulting

    Intelligent Consulting in the virtual meeting room

    Use this time to optimise your production operations! We will sit down with you in the virtual PROXIA meeting room to discuss concepts and software solutions – 100% digitally!

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