PROXIA MES Conceptual design – highly systematic

PROXIA MES Conceptual design – for a tailored MES solution

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Even Socrates knew: “Right action follows right thinking”. A method piloted by the Greeks more than 2,000 years ago, which also promises success for the use of your individual MES solution. Avoid hasty steps and expensive bad investments! Working with you, we establish the current state of your production. Analytical data is collected with you, then analyzes and actions are developed together. If tricky individual hurdles arise during these steps, we will work through the issues with you. This is how we create transparency throughout the conceptual design phase, thereby preventing unwelcome surprises in later project implementation. We have followed this procedure for many years, focusing on our core expertise. Our consulting and sales staff know their trade inside out and know what they are talking about. MES is our passion! You benefit from the individual conceptual design of your MES solution and the overall project process. With MES Conceptual design, we will help you lay the foundation for success!

The ultimate in PROXIA IT and production expertise – for practical MES Conceptual design

MES dimensions, effort and implementation

In the early stages of the MES project, you will get an overview of the dimensions, effort, budget and costs, as well as a timeline for your project. This gives you security and transparency. Our calculations are realistic and binding, so that you can rely on budgets and timelines. Depending on your requirements and situation, we will discuss the type of MES implementation with you, together with potential implementation scenarios, e.g. Living Workshop, test or pilot installation, etc.

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Scope of MES services, peripheral systems and processes

Following the MES analysis, we determine which PROXIA MES modules are needed, which are practical, and which meet your requirements. At the same time, we always keep the future capability of the system in mind, and take into account the potential expansion of your solutions at a later date. Your existing peripheral systems such as ERP/PPS, CAQ, DNC, CAD/CAM, as well as your machines and equipment, existing assembly and logistics processes, etc., are taken into account and seamlessly integrated.

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Optimal MES interfaces and hardware components

In the MES Conceptual design phase, we plan the necessary connections, links and communication platforms. As we use standard, easily configurable interfaces, they will always be compatible with your existing systems. This ensures that you can easily replace or expand software systems or equipment/machines at a later date, regardless of the existing MES solution. We also provide you with recommendations regarding hardware solutions (servers, clients such as industrial PCs, terminals, scanners, mobile devices) and their concrete dimensions. Of course, modern, web-enabled applications are incorporated into our MES concept, and ensure the greatest possible independence of hardware and operating systems.

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PROXIA MES system architecture and technical integration of IT

PROXIA MES-Software represents state-of-the-art, standardized technology. All individual MES modules can therefore be easily integrated into the overall system of your IT environment. The modular design of PROXIA MES-Software allows the gradual implementation, optimization and homogenization of your entire system. Based on this cutting-edge MES technology, many design variants are possible for system architecture – from local installation to operation in a cloud.

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Optimal, practical MES- specifications and requirements

We will take an in-depth look at the specification of your existing requirements and your MES tender. We can also provide suggested solutions in the form of a detailed on-site presentation, or we can assist you in drafting your tender. In MES functional specifications, we define the requirements that can be covered by both the standard functions of MES and through individual features, so that all technologies are 100% capable of release in the implementation phase and are thus future-proof.

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PROXIA Prospect Process consulting

PROXIA MES Process consulting – Process consulting with implementation expertise

Why has 100% of available operating time not been utilized in production? Using the PROXIA OEE method, we uncover your losses and identify your productivity potential:

  • MES Analysis & Evaluation
  • Strategy & Conceptual design
  • Recommendations & Action plan

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Das PROXIA PLUS: Monitor.web – Ihre Mehrwerte

Unabhängige Nutzung

PROXIA Monitor.web steht als Desktop- sowie in der Web-Applikation zur Verfügung und kann daher auch voll mobil auf Tablet PCs oder Smartphones genutzt werden. Monitor.web ist absolut plattformunabhängig, da es auf jedem Webbrowser lauffähig ist.

Benutzerfreundliches Handling

PROXIA Modern XI, angelehnt an die Microsoft WIN 10 Bedienphilosophie, ermöglicht eine intuitive Benutzerführung. Das übersichtliche Visualisierungs- und Bedienkonzept sorgt für geringen Schulungsaufwand und eine hohe Anwenderakzeptanz.

Produktion im Griff

Durch die übersichtliche Darstellung von Maschinen- und Anlagenzuständen und dem schnellen mobilen Zugriff auf wichtige Informationen haben Sie die Produktion zu jeder Zeit live im Blick und können entsprechend schnell gegensteuern.

Individuelle Detailansichten

Alle Detailansichten lassen sich mit PROXIA Monitor.web individuell auf die Anforderungen des jeweiligen Benutzers konfigurieren sowie einfach und zentral administrieren.

PROXIA MES Conceptual design – News & Use Cases

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    Ypsotec AG User Report

    MES keeps a close eye on production

    MES scheduling system and BDE production data acquisition systems increase productivity and competitiveness at Ypsotec AG. MES does the job: 5,000 orders, 9,000 process steps, and 120 resources at a glance.

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  • A&D expert interview with Torsten Wenzel

    A&D expert interview with Torsten Wenzel

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  • PROXIA scoops the TOP 100 award for innovation

    PROXIA scoops the TOP 100 award for innovation

    Awards for Germany’s most innovative medium-sized enterprises

    PROXIA enjoyed success during the independent selection process of the TOP 100 innovation contest,
    in particular in the “Outward Looking/Open Innovation” category.

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  • User report for Gust. Alberts GmbH & Co. KG

    User report for Gust. Alberts GmbH & Co. KG

    MES heartbeat increases efficiency and delivery reliability

    Seamless MES planning and MDE/BDE acquisition of the entire value chain process in production produces a 5% increase in efficiency, and a 6% improvement in delivery reliability at Gust. Alberts GmbH & Co. KG.

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  • The new PROXIA Action Manager

    The new PROXIA Action Manager

    Managing the Continuous Improvement Process

    Is the success of an action in the eye of the beholder? In other words, does success hinge upon individual judgements or on personal perceptions?
    The new PROXIA Action Manager eliminates this uncertainty from production, and guarantees a reliable, digital continuous improvement process (CIP).

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  • Review of the Hannover Messe 2019

    Review of the Hannover Messe 2019

    Thank you for your visit!

    PROXIA presented the latest MES solutions and trends under the headline “Setting the pace for digitisation of your production”.

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