PROXIA MES Implementation & Roll-out – Easy and efficient integration

PROXIA MES Implementation and Roll-out – for a smooth go-live

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Does the conceptual design of your MES project stand up? Now it’s time for implementation. We will be by your side and support you right up to go-live. Structured project management ensures smooth and above all rapid implementation during roll-out – from importing old production data, through ERP/PPS communication, the connection and integration of machines and systems, to individual software modifications of functions and interfaces. You can select from various implementation options, always adapted to your needs. Our experienced project managers will help you launch your new MES solution as quickly as possible, and resolve any problems immediately. PROXIA focuses on the following requirements and objectives:

  • IT, process and product expertise
  • Short project times and rapid implementation for a quick production system
  • Step-by-step implementation and networking of machines and systems
  • Save time and reduce costs significantly through the deployment of MES

We use consistent, established methods and procedures during MES implementation.

Smooth road to a productive MES system – PROXIA Implementation concepts

MES Go live – classic

Firstly, a detailed and comprehensive functional specification is drafted as the foundation. This answers questions such as “What is needed?” How is the system setup and then used?”. The principle of this method is to define and document all the organizational aspects on paper in advance. The actual, directly productive MES system is then only launched after all parameters have been set.

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MES Go live – Rapid Prototyping

This method of MES implementation is much more practical and far more efficient. We start with a workshop in which only the rough process of MES implementation is developed and set down in writing. All actual production data and orders are then entered together with the customer live into a test system. The functionality of the entire MES system and initial results are immediately apparent in the form of live data and analysis. The decision on the productive system is then made. Any required system optimization is then carried out during live operation. Throughout the entire rapid prototyping process, customer-specific MES settings, comments and setting instructions are documented. This documentation can be automatically shown from the database at any time.

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PROXIA PLUS: Implementation & Roll-out – Your added value

Rapid MES Project implementation

The rapid and efficient "Rapid Prototyping" implementation method is practical, and shows the first results in the live test system.

Complete documentation

You automatically receive all customer-specific settings for your MES project at any time at the push of a button.

Continuous MES Optimization

Even after Go live, the MES system can be optimized quickly and easily through configuration during operation.

Experienced Project Manager

Benefit from our many years of experience in MES projects with extensive industry, software and implementation expertise! Avoid failures and save precious time.

PROXIA Implementation & Roll-out – News & Use Cases

  • PROXIA involvement in the “ADAPTION” research project

    PROXIA involvement in the “ADAPTION” research project

    Maturity-based migration to CPPS for SMEs

    PROXIA got involved in the “ADAPTION” research project to support small to medium-sized companies in implementing Industry 4.0 technologies.

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  • Steeltec User Report

    Steeltec User Report

    Hot steel planning with a cool head

    Vast benefits with minimal administration By using PROXIA MES, Steeltec was able to reduce its set-up times by up to 50%, and its productivity by up to 15%.

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  • Blefa GmbH User Report

    Blefa GmbH User Report

    MES gets the barrels rolling

    Better availability with MES: Blefa Beverage Systems uses PROXIA MDE/BDE with OPC-UA data communication in production. This provides more accurate piece-count output data and increases productivity by 15%.

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  • Smart Code

    Smart Code

    Süddeutsche Zeitung reports: Award for PROXIA

    PROXIA Software AG leads companies into their digital future, and is one of the 100 leading companies throughout Germany. The Ebersberg company has now been recognised for its work at the German SME Summit. Süddeutsche Zeitung reports...

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  • Torsten Wenzel: Views regarding the cloud in VDI-Z

    Torsten Wenzel: Views regarding the cloud in VDI-Z

    Cloud solution or on-premise?

    “Each company must opt for a solution based on its own IT landscape, internal specifications and requirements.” says Torsten Wenzel.

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  • Ypsotec AG User Report

    Ypsotec AG User Report

    MES keeps a close eye on production

    MES scheduling system and BDE production data acquisition systems increase productivity and competitiveness at Ypsotec AG. MES does the job: 5,000 orders, 9,000 process steps, and 120 resources at a glance.

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