PROXIA MES Services – for a more productive MES solution!

PROXIA MES Services – More than just MES-Software for production

Flawless production cannot be achieved overnight. We don’t simply focus on selling MES-Software. Our goal is to guide and support our customers in MES issues – and to establish a long-term partnership with you as your MES solution partner. Our services consist of a number of components, which interlink and come together to produce an all-round package: Your optimal MES solution – perfectly integrated into your existing infrastructure with the ability to continuously expand.
PROXIA Services include support in decision-making (MES Consulting) throughout the deployment process (MES Conceptual Design, Implementation and Modification/Optimization), and long-term support following implementation (training, support and seminars). We optimize step by step, not just during the deployment of MES, but far before and long after. Individually or as a total package, PROXIA MES solutions untap the hidden potential of your production, increasing productivity and competitiveness on the road to a Smart Factory and Industry 4.0.

PROXIA MES Services – Modules and Services



MES Consulting

Conceptual design


MES Conceptual design



Implementation & Roll-out



MES Modification & Optimization



MES Training



Service & Support



MES Seminars

Analysis, conceptual design and implementation – Planned with PROXIA and structured for MES success

MES Consulting – develop the right master plan

With its wealth of industry knowledge and MES and IT experts, PROXIA offers advice based on practical experience for practical implementation. If you want to review your production with a view to optimizing potential, you’re in the right place! With MES Consulting Services, PROXIA offers the opportunity to identify potentials to make production processes more efficient, to formulate an action plan and to define recommendations for action. This allows you to make the right decision regarding which MES components to use, where, when and how it makes strategic sense.

MES implementation process – quickly planned and structured to create a productive system

The MES implementation process is divided into MES Conceptual Design, Implementation and Roll-out, as well as MES Modification and Optimization. All three stages are interlinked and mean that the MES production system can quickly go live. We work together with the customer as a team. This collaboration has produced excellent results in the past and ensures that your MES project is implemented quickly and efficiently.

MES After Sales Support – increase know-how and promote acceptance

In order to get your new MES system running smoothly and to establish it as part of daily production, it is important to train and support your employees accordingly. This increases know-how and promotes acceptance of the new MES-Software. Experienced PROXIA instructors, MES coaches and trainers will provide you and your employees with tailored, practical training, seminars and training courses, before, during and after the deployment of your MES – giving you a quick ROI on your software investment.

PROXIA PLUS: MES Services – Your added value

Expert MES consultants – everything from one source

Expert PROXIA consultants and trainers are available to you from start to finish of the PROXIA MES project. A contact person you can trust will oversee the MES project throughout and steer you towards your goals.

MES - a complete solution for success

The PROXIA MES complete solution guarantees your MES project will be a success. From start to finish – from conceptual design to after-sales – a comprehensive, well-conceived module chain of software and services for quick ROI on your software investment.

Full use of potentials in production

We will help you to determine process potentials in your production using the PROXIA OEE method. We will provide recommendations for action and then you decide on how to proceed.

Cost-efficient and future-proof MES

More than just MES-Software: Goal-oriented concepts, rapid deployment, smooth communication and practical training. Our services promise a cost-effective and future-proof MES system.

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