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PROXIA Customer Testimonials – What our customers say

Successfully realized MES projects at successful industrial companies - the right path to a good partnership. The exemplary implementation of customer requirements makes us a trusted partner. Renowned companies from a wide range of industries value our solutions and give us their endorsement:

Ostlangenberg GmbH

95% machine availability with MES
“Contractors today face a whole range of challenges. Our customers demand outstanding quality, short lead times, and good prices. We meet these requirements by ensuring seamless transparency of our entire shop floor – thanks to the high-performance PROXIA MES with cutting-edge OPC-UA connection our machine availability is 95%.”

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Claus Ostlangenberg - Executive Partner

Claus Ostlangenberg

Executive Partner

Saarschmiede GmbH

15% improvement in on-time-delivery with MES
“By introducing the PROXIA MES scheduling system, we were able to make our production planning process far more efficient. The result showed a measurable increase in delivery reliability of 15%. Fast simulation results due to excellent software performance provide flexibility and help improve our forecast planning.”

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Björn Schank - Head of Production Planning

Björn Schank

Head of Production Planning

Holger Kirse - IT Manager

Holger Kirse

IT Manager

Steeltec AG

Hot steel planning with a cool head
“The precise MDE/BDE acquisition and production monitoring at both our sites (Switzerland and Germany) through PROXIA MES supplies us with a range of extremely useful production key indicators. Set-up times have been reduced by up to 50%, and our plant productivity even rose by up to 15%. Thanks to PROXIA, we have also been able to make good progress on our “paperless production” goal."

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Jürgen Kromer - Technical Director

Jürgen Kromer

Technical Director

Blefa GmbH

MES gets the barrels rolling
“PROXIA MES provides us with inter-departmental, informative key production indicators, and allows us to optimise closed-loop control systems based on valid production data. PROXIA has also been a major factor in increasing keg output by 15%.”

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Ypsotec AG

Keeping a close eye on production with MES
“With regard to the concept, our high-performance MES picks up from where our ERP system left off.
In our view, PROXIA offers the best and most logical MES concept when it comes to features and content – the ideal tool to overcome the many and varied challenges we face in production. The numbers speak for themselves: 5,000 orders, 9,000 process steps, and 120 resources at a glance.”

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Piero Tschanz - COO

Piero Tschanz


Gust. Alberts GmbH & Co. KG

MES for greater efficiency
„PROXIA MES brings an “MES engine room” to our production operations. The MDE/BDE software combines data provision with detailed performance planning to increase efficiency by more than 5%, and delivery reliability by 6% when it comes to fulfilling individual orders.“

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Christian Anheier - Plant Management Assistant

Christian Anheier

Plant Management Assistant

Andreas Fabian - Production Manager

Andreas Fabian

Production Manager

Penn GmbH

Outstanding figures with MES: 97% availability
“Almost 100% equipment availability, less than 1.5% scrap, 50% less organisational work – MES software boosts production at PENN GmbH. ”

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Ekkehard Böhm - Managing Director

Ekkehard Böhm

Managing Director

Tillmann Profil GmbH

MES "IT production memory" for Industry 4.0
"Setting up a sustainable „IT production memory" through MES implementation from PROXIA machine and production data collection ensures greater transparency and better production controlling - an important step towards Industry 4.0 for us!"

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Kieselmann GmbH

MES puts an end to stalemate
"When introducing MES, our focus was on ensuring optimum machine utilization with a simultaneous complex production. The PROXIA control room enables us an optimum of machine performance. With PROXIA MDE and BDE we also identify potentials based on valid data and can use free capacities immediately and optimally."

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Oliver Hecker - Facility manager

Oliver Hecker

Facility manager

Krenhof AG

Every day a little better – CIP with MES
“The PROXIA MES solution from MDE, BDE, and ETKS ensures a flow of digital information and objective data in production. The continual improvement process is evident in the figures: Through pro-active procedure management we have been able to reduce our set-up times by 40%.”

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Matthias Hartmann - Board of Directors

Matthias Hartmann

Board of Directors

Niels Kreuzträger - Production Control Manager

Niels Kreuzträger

Production Control Manager


MES for an Industry 4.0 Supply Chain
“Our goal when launching the MES solution was to make our production planning faster and more flexible based on relevant MES master data - leading to leaner production. PROXIA MES has helped us establish an almost seamless integrated supply chain in terms of Industry 4.0, thanks to the significant reduction and simplification of our systems.”

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Rudolf Mark - Managing Director

Rudolf Mark

Managing Director

Mark Metallwarenfabrik GmbH

Decisions based on fact rather than gut feeling
“PROXIA machine and production data acquisition documents real-time information from our production. This allows us to identify the causes of faults quickly and solve problems rapidly. The cutting-edge software concept, which is easy to use, also helps motivate our staff.”

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Oberaigner Powertrain GmbH

Better production performance
“With PROXIA MES we can plan and prepare work with much more precision and make better use of production capacities. Thanks to the BDE data acquisition system, we get transparent figures with little effort! We can now determine machine and setup times precisely.”

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Wilhelm Oberaigner - Managing Director

Wilhelm Oberaigner

Managing Director

Herbert Maschinenbau GmbH

15% increase in production efficiency
“We use PROXIA MES in our production, from the Control Room with ERP connection, through MDE/BDE data acquisition to DNC networking. This integrated solution identified hidden potentials, increased our production efficiency by 15%, and even created new jobs.”

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Wolfgang Stumpf - Production Manager

Wolfgang Stumpf

Production Manager

Successful PROXIA users – A sample of more than 100 customers

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