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PROXIA MES – ONE system for the entire production process

PROXIA MES – One system, many benefits

It’s not just production that benefits from MES, but the whole company. Individual users or user groups have very different requirements when it comes to information processing, presentation or system operation. As a professional MES solution provider, PROXIA addresses these differences individually and meets the needs of management in terms of IT, controlling and quality management, work scheduling and planning, production staff on the shop floor, right through to MES project managers.
PROXIA MES is not just a link between management and shop-floor level, but a control instrument that ensures greater transparency, effectiveness and quality far beyond the production level. By standardizing production processes, PROXIA provides a comprehensive MES package of ergonomics, performance and functionality for different user target groups. Production-related, dynamic control cycles required for a modern Smart Factory in terms of Industry 4.0 philosophy complement the ERP system for an integrated production system.

PROXIA MES – A central base for improving your OEE

  • PROXIA MES-Software helps your company improve the availability of your machines and equipment. Unplanned machine downtime and idle time is prevented – early warning and action in case of faults or malfunctions ensures that production runs smoothly. The continuity of the PROXIA MES value chain guarantees the constant availability of all production information in real time.

    PROXIA MES-Software features:

    • Optimized planning of resources and machine allocation with PROXIA Control room/Detailed planning
    • Production and machine data – live & mobile with PROXIA MES Monitoring for real-time verification of machine and job availability
    • PROXIA TPM.web for optimization of maintenance intervals on machines and maximizing productive machine time
    PROXIA Use Availability
  • PROXIA MES software helps your company increase production output. Efficiency losses at machines, systems, and work places are detected early. Reports provide full information. Errors can be significantly reduced with improvement measures (CIP). High cost investments, such as in extra shift resources, machines, or personnel is a thing of the past.

    PROXIA MES-Software features:

    PROXIA Use Performance
  • PROXIA MES software helps your company detect, document, and analyse product faults. Its major and important benefit is early detection of faults. Regulatory action can be taken even before a fault occurs, and evaluations can be used to eliminate frequently occurring sources of error with preventive measures.

    PROXIA MES-Software features:

    PROXIA Use Check

Advantages and benefits for many different target groups

  • PROXIA Use Managing Director
    • Monitoring efficiency and productivity
    • Optimization of capital utilization through the activation of unused resources
    • Performance comparisons (benchmarks) and key indicator analyzes (KPI/OEE)
    • Obtain real key indicators from production
    • Make decisions quickly and reliably
    • Reduce and hedge company risks
    • Secure the site and jobs with advanced technology and processes
    • More flexibility in production: Exploit new market potentials
    • Lean production: Prevent waste, identify and utilise potentials
  • PROXIA Use Production Manager
    • Optimisation of machines and system efficiency in terms of the CIP
    • Early detection and correction of errors in production
    • Less waste thanks to better transparency (lean production)
    • Informative, key production indicators form a sound basis for making decisions
    • Act rather than react. Forecast and prevent bottlenecks
    • Realistic plans and proper work allocation
    • WIP (Work in Progress) reduction and high level of adherence to deadlines
    • More self-responsibility and self-management within a team
    • Identify and optimise potential in production more quickly
  • PROXIA Use Maintenance Personnel
    • Easily monitor and document product quality
    • Control improvement measures (CIP)
    • Reduced rejections
    • Better planning of maintenance intervals
    • Highly-integrated MES software for seamless implementation in existing infrastructure
    • Modular software structure for simple, requirement-based upgrade
    • 100% upgradable software with standard interfaces to ERP and shop floor components
    • Homogenisation of the IT landscape thanks to seamless shop floor software
    • User-friendliness for easy operation and high level of employee satisfaction
    • Maximum process and fail-safe reliability thanks to exceptional system stability
    • High software performance thanks to the latest software development tools
    • Maximum data security through the latest encryption technologies
    • Professional project realisation and long-term, fast support
    • Continual software development and optimisation of the MES solution
  • PROXIA Use Machine Supervisor
    • Adherence to planned production times and faster reactions when breakdowns occur
    • Makes work easier thanks to virtually paperless production
    • Improved documentation and reporting of operating data and process flows
    • Production staff treated equally based on realistic data
    • Makes work much easier thanks to virtually paperless production
    • Better planning and outlook for future jobs and tasks
    • Production information system for better and more current employee information
    • Pro-active integration into the CIP process: Suggested improvements based on impartial data
    • Suitable buffer allocation without affecting upstream or downstream processes
  • PROXIA Use Project Manager
    • Quicker and successful project launch thanks to standard software
    • Optimisation of various target group requirements by simple software configuration
    • High level of satisfaction at all user levels, from Production Operator to Board of Directors
    • Extensive standard function range for quick results
    • Future-proofing through upgradability and exact documentation
    • Excellent quality of advice provided by qualified project teams with industry expertise
    • Stable supplier relationship thanks to solid company management and long-standing employees

PROXIA MES – Potential savings in figures

faster throughput times

less paperwork

quicker data entry

better work in progress (WIP)

improved delivery reliability

higher productivity

better data quality

fewer errors


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