PROXIA – awarded research contract for the “GiBWert” project

GiBWert & PROXIA – designing innovative modules and value added structures

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The GiBWert project is a research project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Renowned research companies – including PROXIA Software AG- have been working on equipping the production of tomorrow with a variety of efficient products. In principle, the mechanical engineering industry thrives on its high-quality and innovative product diversity.

In order to give machine manufacturers’ customers a clear offer and to give sales an efficient way to do this, we work with product module strategies. However, there has been no standard structure in the industry to date, and modules are mostly designed intuitively and inefficiently. The GibWert project provides a structured solution and structure model.

GiBWert & PROXIA - developing methodology

Logical modular systems form the basis for optimizing product variety. The highlighted areas of production also play a decisive role. Therefore, the central task and focus of the research project was an analysis of the entire value chain. In order to be able to develop the necessary methodology for the efficient development and analysis of modular systems in mechanical engineering, the first task was to establish the specific requirements of a modular development process. The efficiency and effectiveness of modular construction kits also played a significant role, for which an evaluation model must be developed. Both components – requirements and evaluation models – allow a comparison of development costs and competitive advantages for companies and customers alike in the form of a cost-benefit analysis.

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GiBWert & PROXIA – setting standards for product diversity

Highly qualified partners have been selected in order to ensure success, i.e. to guarantee that the project is application-based. The result should be to provide a standard modular structure and the possibility of creating a varied product program from the smallest possible number of modular building blocks. This was achieved through configurable process components, which define the key planning steps of a modular development process. Cost aspects, market and customer requirements were taken into account, as were interfaces to suppliers. Examples based on this concept included the development of a configurable modular system for machine tools, the introduction of a practical method for designing modules, and the development of a comprehensive mechatronic kit. It’s no longer a pipe dream to transfer this to other industries such as renewable energy, medical technology, the automotive industry and electromobility, to name just a few. This is possible thanks to the easy configuration of processes.

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GiBWert events – Impressions

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    PROXIA PLUS: GiBWert project – Your added value

    GiBWert for efficient product diversity

    The GiBWert research project was designed to equip the production of tomorrow with an efficient modular concept. In principle, the mechanical engineering industry thrives on its high-quality and innovative product diversity. Standardized modular structures create efficiency here in the metal industry.

    GiBWert concept for modular design – part 1

    A target hierarchy with dimensions and categories of possible goals for product modules with weighted sub-goals and interrelations of sub-goals – generic structuring languages for products, value added processes – modules including an explanation based on concrete examples.

    GiBWert concept for modular design – part 2

    List of described parameters for the classification of the variance sensitivity of value added processes – lists of characteristic value added processes and cost drivers analyzed with respect to variance sensitivity.

    GiBWert concept for modular design – part 3

    Documented procedure for determining the variance sensitivity of process steps and constituent product features – description of a procedure for the configuration of modular products.

    PROXIA GiBWert project – News & Use Cases


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