Cloud technologies and MES – The right data to the cloud!

Cloud as an “extended workbench” for your data – combine online and offline databases to best effect

Distributed Data Architecture (DDA Technology) is the key component. This enables the benefits of central data warehousing to be combined with those of cloud-based storage of data. PROXIA MES software uses this very technology. This gives any company the freedom to decide which data should be saved locally and which should be saved in the cloud.

In specific terms, the critical, sensitive data remains within the “company’s four walls” and non-critical data, e.g. certain telemetry data from systems can be saved elsewhere. The data can be even be written directly to the cloud through the use of an MQTT gateway (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport).

Put the cloud to best use in an MES context – hybrid application of both concepts!

Data related to expertise and time-critical data (e.g. movement data for production orders) are saved in the local company database with the help of the PROXIA DDA data storage architecture (Distributed Data Architecture). Secured archive data which is only required rarely and especially non-critical and non-context data is ideal suited to storage in an external cloud. Through full integration of OPC-UA, the Industry 4.0 communications architecture, and protocols such as MTConnect and MQTT, not only is the linking of machines and systems increasingly standardised, but PROXIA users can choose what type of data should be saved in which location (local database or cloud). This paves the way for Industry 4.0 and meets all the requirements for creation of a smart factory.
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Highlights and benefits – PROXIA MES and Cloud technologies

  • Why decide for or against the Cloud, when you can have both?
  • Scalable storage solutions through the use of the latest cloud technologies
  • Sensitive and time-critical data remains in your company’s private core database
  • Cloud data delivery for targeted external use outside the company
  • Compliance with the strictest data protection guidelines, combined with maximum flexibility and storage scaling
  • Hybrid operation of both concepts as the basis for Industry 4.0: secure, scalable, flexible and comprehensive
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Make the best use of the cloud in an MES context!

The new customer-oriented “SaaS concept” (Software as a Service) is a growing trend, with a sharp focus on Industry 4.0 concepts. This means that software is hosted and provided by an external provider, e.g. on the provider’s site. The customer only sources the provider’s service via the internet, and no longer has to worry about hardware.

Seems an ideal solution. The question arises however of whether all data has to or even should be managed like this? PROXIA offers an efficient and practical solution with its Cloud concept.

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