PROXIA Manager – the application rack as an MES system platform

PROXIA Manager – Basis of all MES modules

PROXIA Product manager modules cube

PROXIA MES works on the basis of the standardized system platform, PROXIA Manager. This application platform combines all PROXIA modules and forms the basis for standardized data management. PROXIA Manager is the “application rack” into which PROXIA MES modules can be integrated as required.

The application platform offers a broad portfolio of standard functions, which are used in all PROXIA MES modules. You therefore benefit from a consistent and standardized operating concept (Manufacturing Intelligence).

PROXIA Manager uses all information taken from a central database structure in the production system. The cutting-edge, updatable basic structure of PROXIA Manager is designed for long-term company concepts that will grow step by step with a company’s requirements.

PROXIA Manager - Highlights & Benefits

PROXIA Manager - Highlights and benefits at a glance

  • Standardized software platform
  • A central application for all MES apps
  • Cutting-edge, updatable basic structure for long-term company concepts
  • Standardized, simple operation and function calls
PROXIA Product manager

PROXIA Manager - Functions & Features

  • With PROXIA MES Manager, the user benefits from an integrated, uniform and state-of-the-art software operating concept. PROXIA Manager uses all data and information transferred from a central database structure. All allocations, configurations and settings can be organized via PROXIA Manager.

  • Changes to the MES Manager itself or the integration of additional applications can be carried out live during the operation of the MES-Software.

  • The PROXIA Manager has been designed so that the software solution can be adapted exactly to the requirements of your production and does not leave the standard. This means that your PROXIA MES is always up-to-date, and data consistency is maintained even in the case of changing company demands.

  • Additional information sources can be added at any time and are immediately available to the integrated PROXIA modules. The PROXIA Manager has been developed with state-of-the-art software development tools and is subject to a permanent development. It is the foundation for a future-proof, powerful MES solution, which is growing with the company's requirements.

PROXIA Product Manager software impression

PROXIA Manager – Software impressions

  • PROXIA Product manager software impression 1
  • PROXIA Product manager software impression 2
  • PROXIA Product manager software impression 3
  • PROXIA Product manager software impression 4
  • PROXIA Product manager software impression 5
  • PROXIA Product manager software impression 6
  • PROXIA Product manager software impression 7
  • PROXIA Product manager software impression 8
  • PROXIA Product manager software impression 9
  • PROXIA Product manager software impression 10
  • PROXIA Product manager software impression 11
    PROXIA Flyer MES Operating concepts

    PROXIA MES. Operating concepts – fit like a glove

    Employees who spend a large part of their working day in the office on planning and controlling tasks, and who use standard office software daily, e.g. production manager, planning engineer or assembly manager, find a structure in the MES Manager operating concept with which they are already familiar from products such as e.g. Microsoft Outlook.

    • Multifunctional bar with software tools
    • Functions such as export, copy, delete, etc. without cumbersome sub-menus
    • "Outlook Bar" with ergonomic, individual modification and direct access to MES modules

    Download flyer

    PROXIA PLUS: Manager – Your added value

    Optimal networking

    All MES modules are consolidated in PROXIA Manager. PROXIA Manager serves as the basic platform for all PROXIA MES applications.

    Central access

    All data and information from a central database structure is taken from PROXIA Manager and processed in the relevant modules.

    Easy use

    PROXIA Manager adapts to the structure of standard software, e.g. Microsoft Outlook based on the operating concept.

    Individual usability

    PROXIA Manager can be individually configured according to the user and area of responsibility.

    PROXIA Manager – News & Use Cases


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