PROXIA PEP Personnel resources planning – for better personnel planning

PEP Personnel resources planning – Make the best use of personnel

PROXIA Product PEP example

Alongside PROXIA Control room-detailed planning, i.e. the resource/shift ratio, PROXIA personnel resources planning provides the option of factoring in and planning personnel availability.

Skills, certificates, absences, as well as roles and system rights are taken into account when allocating employees to shifts.

PROXIA PEP provides a realistic view of availability/capacity in the production environment and therefore enables reliable resource planning in the production control room. The effect of a variation in the shift model, e.g. the introduction of another shift for a localized production bottleneck can therefore be checked for its impact by simulation in the Control Room.

PROXIA PEP Personnel resources planning – Highlights & Benefits

PROXIA PEP Personnel resources planning – Highlights & Benefits at a glance

  • Definition of shift capacity, assignment via drag and drop for a better overview
  • Personnel and shift resource plan with allocation of employee skills: Prevent personnel shortages
  • Different workplace modes (exclusive operator, auxiliary staff, skills pool)
  • Consideration of personnel characteristics and absences: Plan the right workers for the right tasks
  • Full integration of HR and ETKS systems and Control room communication, e.g. consideration of individual personnel costs in costing or exact time recording and fair remuneration (possible interface to performance and bonus payroll systems)
  • Optimize workflows and personnel costs with targeted personnel resources
  • Respond flexibly to fluctuations in orders
PROXIA Product PEP Personnel resources planning

PROXIA PEP Personnel resources planning – Functions & Features

  • Alongside personnel/shift allocation, which can be performed by drag & drop, personnel resources planning also takes into account the absence of employees. Absences such as vacations, sick leave, training, etc. can be kept in the PROXIA PEP module or imported from a HR/ETKS system. The result of allocation is both a personnel resources calendar and machine allocation plan.

  • PROXIA PEP personnel resources planning is a PROXIA MES software module and can thus be fully integrated into it. To see its full benefits, this module is used in combination with HR and ETKS systems, as well as the detailed planning communication Scheduling System. For example, it shows the calculated personnel requirement as a standard figure in relation to the different resource groups per order or shift. The PEP personnel resources planning must also consider the trend towards ever more diverse and individual work time models. Flexible shift patterns and situation-linked strategies in personnel planning are today more the rule than exception in production plants. Challenges that increasingly more assembly and production companies must face.

  • PROXIA PEP Personnel resource planning is a central platform for controlling personnel management. At the push of a button, you can display all data about the deployment of your personnel and relevant planning, which factors in personnel availability and their qualifications, regardless whether you do planning locally or centrally.

PROXIA Product PEP example 2

PROXIA PEP Personnel resources planning – Software impressions

  • PROXIA Product PEP software impression 1
  • PROXIA Product PEP software impression 2

    PROXIA PLUS: PEP Personnel resources planning – Your added value

    Structured display

    Clear, concise visualization of personnel resources relating to individual orders provides a very good overview, and excludes missing or wrong staff.

    Early action

    PROXIA PEP Personnel resources planning automatically updates each change in real time and is therefore immediately available. Short-term changes in personnel requirements are therefore no problem.

    Individual allocation of personnel

    Every manager can plan their personnel based on different modes of operation. Personnel can be allocated directly and individually.

    Reduce personnel costs

    Potentials and resources are also freed through the use of the PROXIA ETKS Employee timekeeping system. This saves personnel time and costs.

    PROXIA PEP Personnel resources planning – News & Use Cases


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