PROXIA ERP/PPS interfaces – use of synergies, network systems

ERP/PPS Realtime Connector – Working without media disruption

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An optimal software system landscape is created for flexible production by exploiting synergies between commercial and production elements and the seamless exchange of information between both software system structures. The ERP and MES system must therefore be synchronized in defined process units. Intelligent PROXIA software connections then ensure the consistent, two-way exchange of information between the ERP and MES level.

The PROXIA Realtime Connector guarantees cross-system data communication between the ERP system and PROXIA MES. Furthermore, the PROXIA Connector can conduct two-way communication with other IT systems involved in the process. The company can access the same information at all process levels for evaluation, analyzes or visualization. Different levels of transaction data and interface problems are therefore a thing of the past.

ERP/PPS Communication - Highlights & Benefits

ERP/PPS Communication – Highlights & Benefits at a glance

  • Standardized data communication for ERP/PPS systems from all leading suppliers, e.g. Infor, abas, SAP, PSI, sage bäurer, PRO ALPHA, Navision, Microsoft Business Solutions, etc.
  • ERP/PPS Communication with the higher-level system provides clear information for the customer and simplifies internal organization
  • Increased efficiency of the ERP system
  • Increased automation for shorter processing times and cost savings
  • Reduced process running times
  • Increased data quality, avoidance of redundancies and inconsistencies
  • Improved cooperation across departmental boundaries
  • Optimized information flow in the company, especially between commercial and production levels
  • Easy connection to all leading ERP/PPS systems
PROXIA Product ERP/PPS Communication

ERP/PPS Communication - Functions & Features

  • Certified ERP interfaces connect the digital business processes of the ERP world with the production and machine-related information processes of MES-Software. A variety of ERP interfaces enables the exchange of information between PROXIA MES and leading ERP/PPS systems. The cutting-edge software structure of PROXIA MES supports standardized database connections and individual MES-ERP connection solutions.

  • PROXIA MES works on the basis of a uniform system platform, the PROXIA Manager. The PROXIA Manager is the "application rack", in which the modules of PROXIA MES are installed as required. Through this unification of the technology platform, PROXIA MES can directly communicate with many ERP / PPS systems on the market through the ERP interface. This ensures that your data is always uniform and redundancy-free throughout the entire business process. The functional units integrated in the PROXIA MES ERP / PPS communication support all production processes, provide detailed and up-to-date information and can thus be used to generate meaningful key performance indicators (KPIs).

  • With PROXIA ERP/PPS communication, you are extremely flexible, since standardized data communication takes place without problems with all leading ERP systems like Infor, abas, SAP, PSI, Sagebäurer, PRO ALPHA, Navision, Microsoft Business Solutions and many more. In addition, the advantages of PROXIA MES ERP/PPS communication are also available for other data sources such as xls files, ASCII texts, web services and a native database access.

  • ERP systems form the foundation for data in the company. Special demands are placed on the production, especially in detailed planning, as well as on process and organizational support in shopfloor. As a rule, there is a gap that is successfully covered by the PROXIA MES-Software. Optimal visualization with an enormous range of functions and easy operation are important features of a powerful detailed planning system. The PROXIA ERP/PPS communication closes this gap between ERP and MES.

  • ERP and MES are two complex systems that should work separately – the commercial level, as well as the production level. Only in this way the core competences of both systems can be fully developed and effectively used. Here, the perfect networking of both systems is essential. This is ensured by the PROXIA ERP/PPS Realtime Connector. The usability for the users in the shopfloor, despite the coupling to the ERP system, is not restricted.

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ERP/PPS Communication - SAP-Certified

PROXIA Product ERP/PPS SAP-Certified application
PROXIA Product ERP/PPS SAP-Partner
PROXIA Product ERP/PPS SAP-Certified Netwaver
PROXIA Product ERP/PPS SAP Certificate

PROXIA PLUS: ERP/PPS Communication – Your added value

Seamless interaction with SAP

Integrating PROXIA MES into mySAP ERP creates a system landscape in which commercial and production levels work together seamlessly. Certified and awarded: “Powered by SAP NetWeaver”.

Maximum performance

By separating ERP and MES, the core elements of both systems really come to the fore. By combining the two, these synergies can be exploited.

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The ERP/PPS interface closes the gap between ERP and machine level, and enables you to work efficiently.

Lower costs

The standardized and configurable interfaces are so flexible they can be networked with all ERP systems.

PROXIA ERP/PPS Communication – News & Use Cases


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