MES planning - reliability and efficiency: PROXIA MES!

PROXIA MES Planning – Flawless planning to optimize control

Do you have delivery bottlenecks because your supplier left you in the lurch? And your customer want its goods a week earlier? Last but not least, one of your production machines breaks down and Sales asks whether an urgent order can be accepted. What you need now is a good overview of resources and how to deal with these incidents in production with regard to the optimal throughput process and delivery deadline!
The solution: PROXIA MES planning tool: Control room-detailed planning and PROXIA PEP personnel resources planning with ERP/PPS-communication, incorporated into the PROXIA Manager application rack. The software solution plans and simulates your machines and systems – i.e. staff, material and other production resources, taking into account limited capacities with regard to optimal utilization and best possible delivery performance.

PROXIA MES planning – Software Modules



ERP/PPS Communication



PROXIA Manager

Control room


Control room/Detailed planning



PEP Personnel resources planning

PROXIA MES Planning – Highlights & Benefits

  • Complete production/manufacturing at a glance
  • Transparency throughout the entire planning process
  • Plan material requirements as well as personnel based on qualifications
  • Simulate various scenarios – make decisions on a reliable basis
  • Improve delivery reliability through improved flexibility in production
  • Optimize warehouse stock and work in progress
  • Flexibility in the creation of work schedule models and optimal shift planning

PROXIA PLUS: MES Planning – Your added value

Support for planning

With PROXIA MES planning software, you can control and optimize processes, even in the most complex production environments.

Connection made easy

PROXIA MES planning software is easy to integrate regardless of the machine and system – in terms of manufacturer, year of production and type.

Save valuable resources

You save on costly investment thanks to the optimized use of machines, material and personnel.

Reduce production costs

PROXIA MES planning software features save you time and therefore production and unit costs.

PROXIA MES Planning – News & Use Cases


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