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PROXIA Tool & Data management – Increase productivity with PROXIA ToolDIRECTOR

PROXIA Product Tool-Data management example

PROXIA ToolDIRECTOR is an optional software solution to complement PROXIA MES, especially in the NC process for the machining industry. It manages tool components as well as complete tools. Parametric tool assembly simplifies handling in daily use and therefore eliminates errors. Material-related cutting data is allocated to cutting components and is available to various IT applications (e.g. CAM system). Tool manufacturer data can be read quickly with various import routines.

The central PROXIA tool and production information database is the foundation for ongoing optimization in the production process. Transparency and data availability in all process areas ensures higher productivity! The PROXIA DIRECTOR concept combines conventional tool data with additional process master data. The seamless combination of all data and information concerning the production process creates data consistency and demonstrably increases productivity.

PROXIA Tool & Data management - Highlights and Benefits

PROXIA Tool & Data management - Highlights and Benefits at a glance

  • Better overview thanks to cross-departmental management of tools, cutting material, devices, operating and test equipment
  • Better utilization of CNC machines and equipment thanks to optimal availability of tools and equipment
  • Find tools and equipment quicker thanks to effective warehouse organization
  • Low capital commitment for tools through better information for new acquisitions or new designs
  • Better calculation base thanks to information on actual costs per order or per machine/system
PROXIA Tool-Data management

PROXIA Tool & Data management – Functions & Features

  • Tool geometry – the ToolDIRECTOR tool management system provides powerful geometry functions. CAD graphics are also organized for tool parameters and cutting data. Graphic information from tool manufacturers can be read via CAD interfaces (STEP, SAT, STL, DXF, DWG, etc.) Graphics must be processed so that tool graphics can also be used for simulations and CAM systems. The standardized BMG layer format is the basis of automated PROXIA tool processing. Unique data container technology enables various graphics applications with low processing costs.

    PROXIA Product Tool-Data instrument
  • Better process integration: The PROXIA DIRECTOR software modules can be integrated into a heterogenous process environment via secured integration options. Secured data flow, cross-plant information access, and easy data entry, including central data management, are guarantees for optimised production processes. Extensive and versatile options are available for integrating hardware and software components (e.g. tool default setting, CAD/CAM processes, warehouse and cabinet systems) in the field of tool management.

    PROXIA Product Tool-Data initializer
  • Better warehousing & logistics workflow: ToolDIRECTOR Warehouse ensures the availability of tool components. It forms the foundation for optimal production trolley logistics for set-up optimisation. Entry processes can be customised. All movements of individual tool components and complete, assembled tools are documented. ToolDIRECTOR Warehouse creates an overview and ensures optimal tool resource planning.

    PROXIA Product Tool-Data cabinet
  • Exact key figures/analyses: Reports and statistical analyses can be created using the PROXIA ToolDIRECTOR to evaluate tool management and production processes. Key figures are generated online, and immediately provide information about possible errors in the process flow. Reports are configured and can be adapted to specific applications. Informative statistics on tool movements allow specific components to be withdrawn for lean warehouse inventories.

    PROXIA Product Tool-Data tablet

PROXIA Tool & Data management – Software impressions

  • PROXIA Product Tool-Data management software impression 1
  • PROXIA Product Tool-Data management software impression 2
  • PROXIA Product Tool-Data management software impression 3
  • PROXIA Product Tool-Data management software impression 4
  • PROXIA Product Tool-Data management software impression 5
  • PROXIA Product Tool-Data management software impression 6
    PROXIA Prospect tool management

    PROXIA Tool & Data management – Optimize tool inventories, improve tool availability, reduce tool costs

    The PROXIA ToolDIRECTOR tool management system is a cutting-edge resource organization and tool management software solution. It ensures increased efficiency in the organization of tools and equipment. ToolDIRECTOR guarantees the efficient management of complete tools and components. All tools and tool components are recorded and managed in a database. Duplicate and multiple data is prevented. With software modules, master data management, resource management, warehouse and logistics, and tool deployment planning, ToolDIRECTOR ensures expandability to create a closed process loop around tool organization – securing your future software investment!

    • Simple data entry
    • Central database
    • Standardized CAM interfaces
    • Diverse process applications
    • Product and item management
    • NC program management
    • Machine management
    • Device management
    • Measuring and test equipment management

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    PROXIA PLUS: Tool & Data management – Your added value

    Varied scope

    ToolDIRECTOR is used to consistently document the tool management process. Providing production certificates or standardizing certification procedures is often the task of DIRECTOR users.

    Further optimization and tool & production database

    The central ToolDIRECTOR database is the foundation for sustainable optimization in the NC production process and an ideal addition to the PROXIA MES system.

    Combining tool data

    The PROXIA DIRECTOR concept combines conventional tool data with additional process master data in the NC process.

    Secure know-how – increase productivity

    The seamless combination of all production data and information creates consistency, transparency, security and increases productivity.

    PROXIA Tool & Data management – News & Use Cases


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