PROXIA DNC Software – secure production data transmission

PROXIA MES DNC Software – the information system for the shop floor

PROXIA Product DNC example

PROXIA MES DNC is a modern communication system, which performs and secures all data transmission to and from your machines.

The PROXIA MES DNC system is geared to the different requirements of production companies, and can be adapted to individual customer requirements, for example, as an information terminal. The DNC systems used are adapted to data content and technical machine networks. The different the company, the different the demands on the PROXIA MES DNC system. The primary task of the DNC system is the secure data transmission of NC and tool correction programs from machine-specific archives. In NC programs. in particular, two-way transmission takes place for maximum process reliability. Moreover, CAD drawings, sketches and product photos can also be directly displayed on machines and equipment, e.g. via PC terminals.

Time-consuming queries, mountains of paperwork and machine downtimes are a thing of past. The DNC system can be upgraded to a production information system by adding optional modules such as PROXIA NC Editor, PROXIA NC Compare and PROXIA NC Report.

PROXIA DNC Software – Highlights & Benefits

PROXIA DNC Software - Highlights and Benefits at a glance

  • Two-way data transmission for maximum process reliability
  • Display CAD drawings, sketches, product photos directly on the machine
  • Expansion to a production information system by upgrading with PROXIA DNC modules
  • Transmission of information directly and online
  • Simple and standardized operation for employees via a touch application
  • Program launched directly from the BDE/MDE software interface
  • Central management of all production data
  • Central storage and management of all program files
  • Machines and systems connected via an Ethernet network
  • Older machines can be connected via serial interfaces, e.g. RS232/485
  • Management of files for structured storage and search functions according to different criteria, e.g. part, machine, etc.
PROXIA Product DNC Software

PROXIA DNC Software – Functions & Features

  • Production files are normally created in the development department. Previously, these files were transferred via physical data carriers. PROXIA MES DNC now transmits production and assembly information directly online to machine and equipment operators or all production and assembly locations.

    PROXIA Product DNC example 2
  • PROXIA MES DNC is designed as a user-friendly touch application and can be installed as a system shell (surface). PROXIA MES DNC or PLM-Viewer (production information system) can be started directly from the MDE / BDE interface. Input capabilities ensure bi-directional information flow. This allows feedback information from the shopfloor to be returned to the planning level.

    PROXIA Product DNC example 3
  • PROXIA DNC is a modern communication system, which takes over all tasks of the data transfer from and to the machine. With PROXIA MES DNC you are always up-to-date. Due to the fact that the latest file versions are available at any time, the error rate and the machine operation for the employees are made easier.

    PROXIA Product DNC example 4

PROXIA DNC – Software impressions

  • PROXIA Product DNC software impression 1
  • PROXIA Product DNC software impression 2
  • PROXIA Product DNC software impression 3
  • PROXIA Product DNC software impression 4
  • PROXIA Product DNC software impression 5
  • PROXIA Product DNC software impression 6

    PROXIA PLUS: DNC Software – Your added value

    Secured data transmission

    Data is transmitted directly from the PC workstation to the machine using PROXIA MES DNC regardless of temperature fluctuations or electromagnetic fields.

    Best data quality

    With PROXIA MES DNC, no physical data carriers are needed, data is forwarded directly to the machines. Manual errors or confusion are not possible.

    Prevention of errors

    Once NC programs are allocated by PROXIA MES DNC according to context, confusion or use of old versions is no longer possible.

    Increased efficiency

    Consistent digital automatic NC process flow with PROXIA MES DNC saves personnel, costs and reduces machine downtimes.

    PROXIA DNC Software – News & Use Cases


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