PROXIA Internal transport logistics – optimize material movement

PROXIA Internal transport logistics – Using Pull and Push strategies

PROXIA Product Internal transport logistics example

Often, searching for semi-finished products within production or waiting for a suitable means of transport consumes significant amounts of time in the production process.

The PROXIA MES module “Internal transport logistics” can be used to manage warehouse stocks of semi-finished products and document relevant warehouse locations. Material can also be transferred to other warehouse locations, machines or work areas.

Push and Pull strategies are supported by selecting source and target warehouse locations when generating transport orders. Key information is displayed for transport employees within the transport control system: Where from? Where to? When? By what means of transport? Cumulative transport times can subsequently be analyzed.

PROXIA Internal transport logistics - Highlights & Benefits

PROXIA Internal transport logistics - Highlights & Benefits at a glance

  • Inventory management and documentation of warehouse locations
  • Transfer/relocation of semi-finished products to other warehouse locations
  • Preparation and visualization of transport orders
  • Optimization of material movements and transport routes
  • Analysis of transport and storage times
  • Prevention of disruptions caused by a lack of material thanks to automated inventory control
  • Flexibility and minimal search times for picking using Pick-by-Light
  • Avoidance of component mix-ups using Pick-by-Light support during assembly
  • Can be expanded with MES modules such as MDE and warehouse management systems
PROXIA Product Internal transport logistics

PROXIA Internal transport logistics - Functions & Features

  • If a product or module needs to be transported to an internal intermediate storage site, this action cannot be shown using ERP or only by a very cumbersome method. PROXIA Internal transport logistics performs this task - efficiently and in a structured manner. This avoids searching for work-pieces, which takes up valuable time, whereby this time can be used for relevant, important tasks.

    PROXIA Product Internal transport logistics example 2
  • The PROXIA software module for internal transport logistics is specialized in the management of small parts and picking stocks. The module constantly monitors the exact material stock and recognizes immediately if a subsequent delivery is required.

    PROXIA Product Internal transport logistics example 3
  • All incoming goods are booked using the PROXIA Internal Transport module. Individual batches can be put on hold or released according to need. Inventories can also be “carried over” to an existing warehouse management system. An appropriate interface is required. If, for example, package labels are needed, they can also be printed with the PROXIA internal transport logistics module. This creates greater transparency in the internal material flow.

    PROXIA Product Internal transport logistics example 4
  • The PROXIA internal transport logistics module automatically controls and monitors all material inventories and requests the materials that reach preset minimum levels. Fitted parts are automatically ordered via a transport request even from within production or assembly. The shipped goods can be recorded in detail according to batches and customer.

    PROXIA Product Internal transport logistics example 5

PROXIA Internal transport logistics – Software impressions

  • PROXIA Product Internal transport logistics software impression 1
  • PROXIA Product Internal transport logistics software impression 2

    PROXIA PLUS: Internal transport logistics – Your added value

    Cross-module data usage

    PROXIA Internal transport logistics can be used with all combinable PROXIA MES modules, e.g. MDE. This creates an integrated MES value chain.

    Everything at a glance

    Internal warehouse employees can view up-to-date information on what material is needed and where. Transport can therefore be planned more efficiently.

    Easier reporting processes

    If transport tasks are linked to work reports, the whole reporting process is streamlined in Internal transport logistics.

    Intermediate storage included

    If a product does not move on immediately to the next processing station in production, but into intermediate storage, this process is shown by the software module in full.

    PROXIA Internal transport logistics – News & Use Cases


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