PROXIA ETKS Employee timekeeping system – working hours documented in full

PROXIA ETKS Employee timekeeping system – IT instead of paper and calculator

PROXIA Product ETKS example

The main task of ETKS is to comprehensively record working hours and transfer this data to payroll. Different functions such as online leave applications and attendance tables mean less work and easier processing.

The Employee Timekeeping System records the “in/out” movements of employees via BDE or ETKS data acquisition terminals and immediately checks eligibility/entitlement, as well as the chronological sequence of entries. These are calculated and summarized in the appropriate time accounts. Absences for vacations/leave, illness or occupational training are displayed in a clearly laid out calendar. Employees can check information at any time, e.g. hours worked, time balances, remaining leave or other information on the entry terminal. Corresponding analyzes give a detailed overview of attendance/absence, hours worked, and availability of employees. The Employee Timekeeping System can be fully integrated into the PROXIA BDE system.

PROXIA ETKS Employee timekeeping system - Highlights & Benefits

PROXIA ETKS Employee timekeeping system - Highlights & Benefits at a glance

  • Access control, complete attendance records
  • Costing individual personnel costs
  • Employee motivation through precise time records, as well as individual working hours
  • Performance wage/bonus system
  • Optimal workflow for leave applications
  • Automatic shift recognition and multi-machine operation
  • Can be combined with PEP Personnel Resources Planning
  • Optimization of workflows and personnel costs
  • Quick response to fluctuating orders
  • Export interfaces to payroll and third-party systems
PROXIA Product ETKS Employee timekeeping system

PROXIA ETKS Employee timekeeping system - Functions & Features

  • Whether you are a supervisor or employee, information is available on a daily basis. Hours worked, time balances, leave applications and submitted leave, etc. can be viewed. The PROXIA ETKS Employee timekeeping system also analyzes this data.

  • PROXIA ETKS Employee timekeeping system is operated via a user-friendly interface, which makes it easy for the employee to input data manually. It is only necessary to enter the master data once. Data entry and maintenance is thus significantly reduced. Data can also be exported directly from the system.

  • If you expand PROXIA ETKS Employee timekeeping system with PROXIA PEP Personnel resources planning, it is possible to transfer the data, e.g. in a personnel resources schedule and to plan with them. This saves personnel and costs. In addition, these data can be linked to orders, which makes it possible to post-calculate the actual personnel expenses incurred.

  • With PROXIA ETKS Employee timekeeping system, attendance and absence times are documented as well as internal settlements, the calculation of product and process costs, workload and services. All personal events, e.g. holiday, working time, flexitime or even overtime are saved in detail. In connection with the master data, wage and salary statements, or even combined with order-related operating data, wage statements can then be generated.

PROXIA Product ETKS example 2

PROXIA PLUS: ETKS Employee timekeeping system – Your added value

Manage data centrally

Enter master data once and use it in all combinable PROXIA MES modules. This saves time and increases transparency.

Graphic presentation

The clear, intuitive presentation of data in the PROXIA ETKS Employee timekeeping system makes processing much easier.

Integration of data

Merging and combining different personnel data, e.g. attendance times and hours worked gives a deeper insight into the overall workflow.

Rapid response to events

Operational events, e.g. high absence rate of personnel due to illness or a sudden spike in orders can be quickly and flexibly combined.

PROXIA ETKS Employee timekeeping system – News & Use Cases


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