PROXIA CAQ System – Secured CAQ data acquisition process

CAQ Measurement capture – Capture measurement data directly at the workplace

PROXIA Product CAQ example

PROXIA CAQ gives you quality data throughout the entire value added process of your production. Optimize quality to maintain your competitive edge. Only high-quality, defect-free products and processes ensure the economic success of a production company. Therefore, the analysis, documentation and archiving of quality-related data with a CAQ system is of great importance for companies that want to increase added value in production and prevent rejects.

The PROXIA CAQ data acquisition module enables the acquisition of quality and performance data directly at the workplace. Product properties and process parameters are recorded accurately, and compliance with tolerances and limits is reliably monitored.

PROXIA CAQ also allows operator self-tests to be fully integrated into the process, all on the standard BDE entry screen. Through this process integration, PROXIA also contributes to streamlined processes in quality management.

PROXIA CAQ Software – Highlights & Benefits

PROXIA CAQ Measurement capture - Highlights & Benefits at a glance

  • In-process operator self-tests
  • Documentation of all quality assurance measures
  • QA reports, control charts, statistics and details
  • A standardized operating concept through full integration into the BDE data acquisition system
  • Capture data directly at its source and check where it occurs
  • Integration into the PROXIA early warning/alert concept
  • Data allocation to each step of production
  • Consistent quality planning across all test sites
  • Quick and flexible change of the test plan - using simple “drag & drop”
PROXIA Product CAQ Measurement capture

PROXIA CAQ Software – Functions & Features

  • Data is recorded at its source in a cross-functional system. Processes can therefore be designed more efficiently and transparently. PROXIA CAQ Software provides a system structure which enables the capture of CAQ quality and measurement data. This information can then be used for reporting and statistical analysis for integrated downstream systems (e.g. Q-DAS).

    PROXIA Product CAQ example 2
  • The analysis, documentation and archiving of quality-relevant CAQ data with a CAQ tool is very important for companies to increase value added in production. PROXIA CAQ supports the quality management through the assurance of quality and measurement data.

    PROXIA Product CAQ example 3
  • The process-accompanying CAQ test (factory self-test) as well as incoming or final inspection are integral parts of the PROXIA CAQ system. Not individual CAQ software modules, but a continuous CAQ software process chain on a uniform system platform ensures a high user-friendliness and a continuous data flow in the PROXIA CAQ system.

    PROXIA Product CAQ example 4

PROXIA CAQ Measurement capture – Software impressions

  • PROXIA Product CAQ Software impression 1
  • PROXIA Product CAQ Software impression 2

    Das PROXIA PLUS: CAQ Measurement capture – Your added value

    Integrated data acquisition

    With PROXIA CAQ, operator self-tests can be fully integrated and the process significantly accelerated.

    Direct data acquisition

    The PROXIA CAQ system allows data to be captured directly at the workplace.

    Versatile documentation

    The PROXIA CAQ module offers the option of generating other documents such as QA reports or statistics.

    Combining measurement data

    PROXIA CAQ can be used to manually or automatically combine quality measurement values for comparison.

    PROXIA CAQ Measurement capture – News & Use Cases


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