PROXIA Add-ons – Expand your MES and increase performance

Every day you need to overcome numerous challenges. This is true of management as well as production and manufacturing. To overcome them, we need high performance and the ability to manage problems. The keys to managing such problems are transparency, consistency and efficiency. PROXIA MES-Software offers you these very features. Are you already working with MES-Software? MDE Machine data acquisition and BDE Production data acquisition in particular? But would you like to get even more from your modules and expand and upgrade your MES?
Then you should integrate PROXIA Add-ons, the ETKS employee timekeeping system, PROXIA CAQ Measurement Capture and PROXIA Internal Transport Logistics into your existing MES system. Add-ons can be easily adapted to any module, and give you significant, specific additional benefits depending on the add-on module. From complete data acquisition in HR, through an intuitive ergonomic operating concept, right through to connection of production-based hardware.

PROXIA MES-Add-ons – Software Modules



ETKS Employee timekeeping system



CAQ Measurement capture



Internal transport logistics

PROXIA MES Add-ons - Highlights & Benefits

MES Add-ons – Highlights and benefits at a glance

  • Complete data acquisition in HR
  • Document quality standards and secure them using CAQ
  • Consistent transparency across material flow
  • Increased MES system efficiency
  • Intuitive operating concept, homogeneous ergonomics
  • Integration of production support hardware
  • Process large volumes of data or complex production structures
  • Can be connected to almost any machine or system
  • A variety of analyzes are available at the push of a button
  • Optimization of workflows
PROXIA Product MES Add-ons

PROXIA PLUS: Add-ons – Your added value

Increase performance

With the additional benefits of PROXIA Add-ons, your MES modules will gain performance and increased functionality.

Optimize workflows

Integrated into the MES system, PROXIA Add-ons create more structure and transparency in production.

Intuitive operation

The simple PROXIA operating concept with integrated ergonomics makes handling Add-ons child’s play.

All modules from one source

Thanks to optimized processes across all data acquisition methods and increased performance through the homogeneity of all modules, you save valuable time and above all, costs.

PROXIA MES Add-Ons – News & Use Cases


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