PROXIA MDE Machine data acquisition – flawless monitoring of machines and systems

MDE Machine data acquisition – the 24/7 PROIXIA “ECG machine”

PROXIA Product MDE Machine ECG

Since machine hour rates at modern production facilities are often high, breakdowns and unproductive downtimes need to be kept to a minimum – maximizing operating times for maximum value must be the watchword! Breakdowns on machines or systems must be identified early in order to respond quickly and with the right strategy. This is where PROXIA Machine Data Acquisition (MDE software) is used to provide continual information on the current status of individual machines and the utilization of your production capacity.

MDE is the electronic “fingerprint” of a machine or system. Depending on the design, system status can be reported manually or fully automatically by the machine itself via MDE. While the machine operator looks after his/her machine or system as usual, the PROXIA MDE data acquisition system runs automatically in the background, preventing input errors or skipped entries.

However, if a fault occurs, the PROXIA Machine Data Acquisition system can quickly identify the processing step of the production order in progress on this machine. The MDE system therefore always keeps your production data in the MES or PPS/ERP system up-to-date, and allows you to respond in an optimal manner. Delivery reliability increases and productivity rises.

PROXIA MDE Machine data acquisition - Highlights & Benefits

PROXIA MDE Machine data acquisition - Highlights & Benefits at a glance

  • Minimal reporting time thanks to automatic data acquisition
  • Process large volumes of data or complex production structures, e.g. multi-pallet machines, pallet stations or production cells
  • MDE/BDE combined operation thanks to the modular design
  • Supports international standards, e.g. OPC-UA or Euromap 63
  • Different alert mechanisms via email, SMS or RSS feed
  • Almost all machines or systems can be connected – regardless of the production process, age of the equipment/machine or control type
  • A variety of analyzes are available at the push of a button
  • Quick handling of breakdowns or delays
  • Precise costing in relation to required machine running times
PROXIA Product MDE Machine data acquisition

PROXIA MDE Machine data acquisition - Functions & Features

  • The PROXIA MDE system is an essential part of an effective system for process analysis. The automated acquisition of data on machine and system statuses leads to the harmonization of data acquisition cycles. With MDE software, process information provided via online monitoring gains in significance. PROXIA MDE Machine data acquisition software is characterized by holistic company analysis. Since most companies use a variety of machines and systems of different types, from a range of manufacturers with different years of production, heterogeneous system technology is needed for machine data acquisition. PROXIA MDE software meets this requirement through combinable data acquisition technology.

    PROXIA Product MDE example
  • Due to the modular design of the PROXIA capture system, a combination of both reporting variants (MDE and/or BDE) can be operated with no problem. Thus, for example, if state-of-the-art machines are acquired, they can be switched over from BDE operation to MDE operation. Automatic data capture by MDE provides operating personnel with significant time savings, particularly on systems such as shuttle tables, pallet stations, clamping tower systems, production cells, and multi-machine operation. Along with simple detection of status , automatic quantity counting is also an easy solution and provides partial data required for OEE calculation.

    PROXIA Product MDE example 2
  • A key concept in Industry 4.0 context is active, two-way communication between machines/equipment and operators to identify faults or bottlenecks faster and minimize production downtime. Different alarm scenarios can be achieved with PROXIA MDE. These can either be sent via in-house IT structures such as e-mail, or external services such as SMS or RSS feed.

    PROXIA Product MDE example 3
  • The OPC-UA (Open Platform Communications - Unified Architecture) communication standard offers the ability to read information about plant/equipment status and all process data types from different controllers. Existing infrastructure (e.g. an existing OPC-UA server) can be used for this communication standard. It is also possible to integrate older controllers which do not have an OPC-UA server via smart gateway solutions. No programming of the machine interface is required on the MES side. All information such as setting up a signal matrix is configured in the MES system.

    PROXIA Product MDE example 4

PROXIA MDE Maschinendatenerfassung – Software impressions

  • PROXIA Product MDE Software impression 1
  • PROXIA Product MDE Software impression 2
    PROXIA Flyer OPC-UA Client

    PROXIA OPC-UA Client – The new standard for M2M data exchange

    OPC-UA (Open Platform Communications - Unified Architecture) is the data exchange standard for secure, reliable manufacturer and platform-independent industrial communication. It allows cross-operating system data exchange between products from different manufacturers. The OPC-UA M2M communication protocol not only simplifies the control of systems. It can be used for all communication in production.

    • Reliable and secure data acquisition and modeling
    • Data exchange between products from different manufacturers, independent of the operating system
    • Fully integrable into existing infrastructure, even older control systems
    • More flexibility in data exchange between SPS and MES thanks to “real-time communication”
    • Maximum failure backup through Historical Access (e.g. when network connection is lost)
    • Almost unlimited scaling: Component configuration for individual requirements
    • Maximum data and transmission security: secure, encryptable and advanced certificates
    • Minimal system integration costs thanks to the use of ONE common architecture

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    PROXIA PLUS: MDE Machine data acquisition – Your added value

    Automatic data acquisition

    The quality of automatically captured data is significantly better, as manual errors are eliminated.

    Detect problems early

    Even brief machine downtimes and malfunctions are fully shown with PROXIA MDE Machine data acquisition.

    Universal machine connection

    PROXIA MDE Machine data acquisition is fully functional on a wide variety of system types from different manufacturers, varying years of production and different control formats.

    “Real time” analysis of data

    Analyzes are immediately available thanks to data transmission in “real-time”. This helps identify and resolve problems quicker.

    PROXIA MDE Machine data acquisition – News & Use Cases


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