PROXIA BDE Production data acquisition – the system for complete transparency

BDE Production data acquisition – Process production orders more efficiently with PROXIA BDE

PROXIA Product BDE example

PROXIA BDE Production data acquisition records the ACTUAL status of production or assembly, directly at the source – manually, semi-automatically or fully automatically in combination with MDE, as required. This way, your MES solution always keeps you informed about the current state of production. By continuously tracking the value added process from logon to logoff, weak points can be identified by early warning, monitoring and reporting tools and the appropriate measures promptly taken.

The tracking period can be divided into three configurable statuses/states e.g. set-up, production, disruption, downtime, etc. Captured statuses are then posted to different accounts (workplace, personnel, work sequence). Personnel and work sequence accounts, in particular, can be activated or deactivated using parameters, enabling, for example, anonymous data acquisition.

Another great advantage is networking the BDE system with Control Room software or an ERP system. Two-way data exchange also allows costing of a completed order, and the lessons learned from BDE lead to realistic standard times, which is very important for planning future orders. PROXIA BDE is also an important part of CIP. PROXIA BDE Software forms the basis of analyzes and the determination of key indicators, and serves as a “data provider” for the production control room.

PROXIA BDE Production data acquisition - Highlights & Benefits

PROXIA BDE Production data acquisition - Highlights & Benefits at a glance

  • Easy-to-use, intuitive operating concept
  • Freely configurable status buttons with full flexibility and update capability
  • Expandable modular functionalities such as batch tracking
  • Integrated BDE early warning system for quick response in the event of bottlenecks
  • Connection of production support hardware (e.g. Scanner, RFID, etc.)
  • Supports a wide variety of order types
  • Login for individuals or groups
  • Multi-machine or machine group operation
  • Can be combined with automated MDE Machine data acquisition
  • Can be integrated into the ETKS system
  • Full networking options to Workplace 4.0
PROXIA Product BDE Production data acquisition

PROXIA BDE Production data acquisition - Functions & Features

  • PROXIA BDE supports a variety of order types, e.g. production orders, overhead orders, container tracking, target/actual entries, etc. Both individuals and groups can logon, therefore functions such as multi-machine operation or automated operation are also provided. The work queue for individual tracking stations may come from a variety of sources, e.g. an ERP system, the Control Room or a manual order/operating system in the PROXIA MES system.

    PROXIA Product BDE example 2
  • The primary goal in the development of PROXIA BDE was to enable PC inexperienced employees with a self-explanatory interface to make simple, intuitive operation possible. In order to ensure high dynamics and up-to-dateness in the control room, the BDE system delivers the relevant and order-related actual data to the control room. It does not matter whether the PROXIA control console or another external planning system is in use.

    PROXIA Product BDE example 3
  • PROXIA BDE recording is designed in such a way that different hardware possibilities can be used depending on the individual IT standards or requirements in companies: The BDE detection is a Microsoft Windows application and runs on standard PC's, Industrial PCs or mobile end devices such as tablet PCs, smart phones, and the like. Client-specific solutions such as bar code, QR code or transponder are supported for order registration or personnel identification.

    PROXIA Product BDE example 4
  • The BDE detection can be used as an information system, in addition to the pure status booking, in which, for example, NC programs, tool lists, drawings or test instructions are provided order-related. Likewise, internal communication facilities such as e-mail or SMS alarming can be used, always with the focus that operators can request information or support (e.g., maintenance or material) directly to production acquisition stations.

    PROXIA Product BDE example 5

PROXIA BDE Production data acquisition – Software impressions

  • PROXIA Product BDE Software impression 1
  • PROXIA Product BDE Software impression 2
  • PROXIA Product BDE Software impression 3
  • PROXIA Product BDE Software impression 4
  • PROXIA Product BDE Software impression 5
    PROXIA Flyer BDE Early warning system

    PROXIA BDE Early warning system – Keep an overview – identify the source of faults early

    The PROXIA BDE-System gives the production company a reliable and accurate view of production by capturing a wide variety of production data. Problems can be detected early and their causes eliminated thanks to the integrated early warning system for numerous parameters.

    • Moving away from reporting terminals towards needs-based information provision
    • PROXIA BDE Early warning system for greater acceptance and better data quality
    • Process documentation, including feedback function
    • Analyze large volumes of data (BIG DATA Management)
    • PROXIA BDE system for consistent networking in production
    • One system for everyone from production to managing directors

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    PROXIA PLUS: PROXIA BDE Production data acquisition – Your added value


    The self-explanatory, individually configurable software interface ensures simple intuitive operation - even for inexperienced PC users.

    Fast response to problems

    Overview of current status and any change in real-time. A quick response to production problems saves time and costs.

    Shorter production times

    Thanks to the consistent, complete entry of workflows and resulting optimized processes, production times are significantly reduced.

    Conclusions for subsequent orders

    Through data exchange with the Control Room or ERP/PPS system, improvements can be defined for upcoming orders (CIP).

    PROXIA BDE Production data acquisition – News & Use Cases


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